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The San Martín Autodrome, the first in Argentina

It was founded in 1927, but it did not have much activity and after a few years it was closed.

As soon as the first cars to ArgentinaIn the early 1900s, its owners realized that they not only served to move from one place to another in a faster way, but they were also good for fun. Thus, races began to be held on open routes, but also on rudimentary road courses.

It was not until the late 1920s that a group of enthusiasts decided to take things a little more seriously and built a stage like the ones already in Europe. The 10 of July of 1927, finally, the Autodromo San Martín, built in a wide field of the Oliveira César family that was in the San Martín district, on General Paz avenue, at the height of Constituents avenue (there just of the property that General Motors once occupied).

The San Martín Autodrome, the first in ArgentinaIt was about one Rectangular dirt track 3.000 meters long, 16 meters wide and 35º banked curves. It had a wooden platform of considerable dimensions and the basic amenities for the public. The surface of the circuit was not very firm, while the banks were precarious.

Precisely, these defects caused that in its premiere Eduardo Estanguet, aboard a Delage, suffered a spectacular mistake that left the spectators stunned. That inaugural competition was won Sunday bucci (Hudson) at 136,080 km / h on average. The podium was completed Prospero Pangaro (Bugatti) and Gustavo Fernandez (Bugatti).

The San Martín Autodrome was the first in our country, but it quickly fell into oblivion and closed its doors in 1931. However, 20 years later it was refloated with a series of works that included the elevation and correction of the corners of the curves and a layer of crude oil for the track (it was replenished after each race).

All that effort did not prevent it from closing again and leaving its place to another more modern stage that was inaugurated in 1952 and that he was in Villa Riachuelo, a few kilometers away: The Autodromo 17 de Octubre, today known as Juan and Oscar Gálvez.



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