The Argentine Automobile Club stands firm and will "shield" its Sports Stewards

Eng. Carlos García Remohí, president of the ACA CDA, assured that his authority is not respected.

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During the second half of 2021, Argentine motorsport had controversial rods in which the Sports Commissioners of the Automobile Sports Commission of Automobile Club Argentino they were great protagonists. Mainly, because of the decisions they made in racing National tourism y Super TC2000 where the pilots and sanctioned teams put the cry in the sky leaving bad stops to the authorities.

Perhaps the most remembered incident was the one that starred Matias Rossi in the presentation of the Super in El Villicum (San Juan) when he was severely penalized for not respecting the limits of the track, something that caused his fury and his decision not to show up to run, although the fault was evident ...

Garcia Remohi
Ing. Carlos García Remohí, president of the ACA Automobile Sports Commission.

"Some take care that the sports commissioners look bad for a certain resolution", reflected the Engineer Carlos García Remohí, president of the CDA, during an interview with WorldSport (Monday to Friday from 18 to 19 by AM 570).

To reinforce this idea, the manager even confessed that several years ago, teams from the then TC2000 asked that Diego Table, one of the usual CDA CDs, did not go to the races anymore, something that obviously did not receive his approval. "And today all the categories ask that Mesa be their Sports Commissioner ...", Dijo.

“We have to keep the Sport Stewards away from the drivers… It is not a question of sending all the team's mechanics to protest. They know that only the competitor or, eventually, the same rider can go ”, said the leader about the multitudinous claims that are usually made by the truck of the inspection body in the circuits. "That produces wear ...", he confessed.

“They have to know that the Sports Commissioner is the authority and that he is not a person who can be treated badly by a certain situation. You have to assert authority, although it will not change overnight. We will have to try to move the Sports Commissioner away from the pits a bit, he has to be separated from the race and be attentive to everything that happens and sanction those who do not comply with the regulations. The time has come to do that "He said.

He also spoke about the implementation of more technology to facilitate the audit task. "We could bring a device to check the starting speed or increase the number of our own cameras, which we already have enough", exemplified.

“More technology implies more money and someone has to pay for it… More technology would include bringing more people and there we get into a problem because everyone asks us to bring fewer personnel to charge cheaper. You have to have a balance and do things as fair as we can ”, culminated.

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