Aston Martin would change the color of its cars by 2022

The goal of the measure is to smoothly reach the regulatory weight of the new cars.

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Next year the cars of the F1 will have a weight of 792 kilos, something that will force the teams to take certain precautions to reach that level. The task will not be easy since the new cars will fit bigger tires that will require larger suspensions.

To anticipate what can be a real headache, the team Aston Martin evaluates making a drastic decision related to the appearance of their vehicles: stop using the current color green for a lighter tonality.

“We have analyzed the color change. We have already spoken with the team about the paint for next season and how much and in what colors we will paint the car. Weight is a very important factor and we have to remove as much as possible. We are in that process right now ”, said Otmar Szafnauer, head of the British team.

Beyond lightening the cars, the English team would take the opportunity to look for a tone that looks better on television since it considers that the current one looks good when the car is seen on the circuit.

“We should make it stand out more on television, without losing that green that you notice when you look at it from the outside. I do not know if we can do it, but it is something we are looking for, to make sure that it differs on TV from other darker cars ”, recognized the team-manager.

The need to change the color to reduce the weight of cars is not something new in motorsport. In fact, the legend of the Silver Arrows de Mercedes came about when the German marque decided to leave its 1930s Grand Prix cars with the aluminum bodies to subtract the kilos of white paint.

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