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The ETRC changes to 100% sustainable fuel thanks to TotalEnergies

The FIA ​​Championship will use HVO100 biodiesel that does not release new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

El European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC) marks an important milestone in the history of the discipline during its 2021 tournament as for the first time it will use a fuel from entirely renewable sources as part of the new three-year agreement between the International Automobile Federation y TotalEnergies.

With the contribution of the championship promoter, the European Truck Racing Association (ETRA), since 2019 the FIA ​​Truck Racing Commission has been working on a sustainability roadmap to progressively implement environmentally friendly energy sources in truck racing, with the introduction of biofuel set as the short-term goal.

ETRCFollowing the official bidding process and approval by the FIA ​​World Motor Sports Council, by 2021 the FIA ​​ETRC switches to 100% sustainable fuel, the HVO100 biodiesel supplied by TotalEnergies, becoming the first FIA regulated competition to do so.

The change reflects the FIA ​​ETRC's effort to become the leading platform for sustainable technologies in the trucking industry, while also making truck racing a relevant research and development platform for manufacturers.

The HVO is Hydrogen-treated vegetable oil. It is a premium quality fossil-free diesel product, made with 100% renewable raw materials and does not release new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

It is produced by hydrotreating vegetable oils and animal fats and the result is a chemical structure that is almost identical to normal diesel and can be used in a standard combustion engine without the need for modifications.

ETRCDue to its high cetane number, HVO has a positive impact on performance compared to conventional diesel fuel. Moreover,  reduces exhaust emissions and combustion noise, also achieving better cold start performance, making the product well suited to the requirements of the trucking industry.

HVO meets fuel criteria Advanced Sustainable (AS), which establish that the fuel must achieve a saving of greenhouse gas emissions of at least 65% during the entire cycle from the well to the wheel and comply with the Renewable Energy Directive II (RED II) of the European Union.

The introduction of HVO100 in the FIA ​​ETRC is part of the long-term strategy of the FIA ​​to implement sustainable energy sources across its portfolio of motorsport disciplines and thus set an example in the approach to reducing CO2 emissions by leading the development and promotion of new technologies throughout its competencies.




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