The Monkeemobile from The Monkees

It was built using a Pontiac GTO convertible as a base.

In 1966 the American chain NBC aired a series starring four guys who had a rock band. The strip, written by Bert Schneider y Bob rafelson, was noted for having an irreverent sense of humor "inspired" by the film A hard day's night (1964) of The Beatles.

Davy jones (voice and percussion), Michael Nesmith (voice and guitar), Peter tork (keyboard, bass and voice) and Micky dolenz (voice and drums) won the casting in which more than 500 young people participated and that's how it was born The Monkees.

The Monkeemobile from The MonkeesBacked by the best composers of the time, such as Carole King, Neil Sedaka and Neil Diamond, The Monkees shot hit after hit on the series and quickly entered a recording studio to shape their discography, which included nine albums over a four-year span (they came back in the mid-80s and recorded three more albums). .

The Monkees had a very particular car: the Monkeemobile, a Pontiac GTO 1966 convertible designed and built by Dean jeffries. The most peculiar aspect of this vehicle were its fins. The front ones housed some curious side leaks; while the rear ones extended their length to add a third row of seats. The front part was modified with a sunken hood that revealed the almost complete engine, with its blower included.


The Monkeemobile from The MonkeesTwo Monkeemobile were built. One was used in the series, which was on screen until 1968, and the other for promotional tours. The TV version featured a 6-71 supercharged engine which had to be reduced power to be driven without much difficulty.

When the series ended, both cars were offered to Jeffries, who decided not to purchase them. The TV car followed The Monkees on their 1968 Australian tour and stayed there. Although he later appeared in a hotel in Puerto Rico. In 1992 it was sold at auction to a New Jersey collector for just 5.000 dollars.

The Monkeemobile from The Monkees

The second vehicle was bought by the great George Barris, who designed several cars for television series such as Batman's Batmobile. In 2008 it was auctioned off and bought by a Michigan person for 360.000 dollars.

There are currently two other replicas of the Monkeemobile. One of them was used by The Monkees in 2011 to celebrate their 45th anniversary.


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