The Mustang in the Hall of Fame for Inventions

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Ford Motor Company opened a permanent display of the Mustang in the National Inventors Hall of Fame in the United States, selected as a symbol of automotive innovation for the past 50 years. The model was specially prepared for the exhibition in the museum, located in the state of Virginia, as a kind of "time machine", represented with the fusion of the first Mustang of 1965 with the new one, relaunched last year.

The vehicles were joined longitudinally and you can see the interior of both that are in operation. The Mustang "time machine" is part of a new permanent exhibit celebrating the power of intellectual property at the United States Patent and Trademark Museum. Open to the public, it preserves the history of great inventions and their significance for progress, innovation and culture.

Visitors to the museum can sit on either side of the car, and compare its features and design details, from the AM radio, manual window, ventilation, and seat belts available in 1965 as well as the 2015 Mustang touch screen. There's also a series of speakers that allow you to hear and compare the sound of the original V8 engine with the current one in idle.

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The sample includes several patents for the current Mustang and the original car. The museum sought Ford's partnership in the project based on the company's important role in the history of innovation, with the Mustang as an icon of the last half century. When the Mustang was launched, there was no record of its design patents. Only after the car proved to be a great success, selling over a million units in 18 months, were patents considered.

"It was all so fast, from the project to the production of the original Mustang, that the design patents of the time were not created." Said Chris Danowski, Director of Technology Marketing and Intellectual Property Licensing, Ford Motor Company. “In the current car, the Mustang convertible alone generated 36 design patents, which guarantee its unique characteristics. That vehicle also has many functional patents for points such as the structure of the airbags, Emergency Assistance, etc ”.

In 1965, the Mustang used more than 100 functional patents from Ford. Including details that customers of the time loved, like the rear speakers and the power convertible top. There are also functions that later became common, such as the patent related to the use of Ford's automatic shut-off flasher.

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Today, the Mustang is a source of creativity in terms of design and engineering. It introduced the first knee airbag incorporated into the glove box, which generated 15 patents and throttle control.

Many of those patents are illustrated on the car on display at the museum, which combines about 60% of the driver's cab from the original Mustang and 60% from the new model, both with the console and technologies of the time. The left side reproduces the 1965 Mustang and on the other side, the current model with right-hand drive, present in several of the 150 countries where it is currently sold.



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