The small Argentine car that returns to live hand in hand with GPAH

The De Carlo 700 shone in the competition with Rogelio Scaramella. Today a replica seeks the goal in the regularity race organized by the Automobile Club Argentino.

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El BMW 700 it was the car that allowed the Bavarian brand to recover from the financial crisis it had in the '50s. Such was its success that the Germans allowed its manufacture under license in several countries, including Belgium, Israel y Argentina. Production here, which began in 1959 and ended in 1965, was the responsibility of Metalworking SAIC. property of Salvatore de carlo. And hence its name: By Carlo 700.

The small, 3.540-mm-long, low-weight car was powered by a two-cylinder engine from 697 cc air cooled with 30 hp and 50 Nm of torque associated with a four-gear manual gearbox with lever to the floor. It accelerated from 0 to 100 km / h in 34 seconds and its maximum speed was around 117 km / h.

By Carlo 700
Marcelo Pérez de Rosa, pilot and owner of this De Carlo 700.

"The De Carlo is an exceptional vehicle, agile, 'nervous', with smooth and powerful acceleration, brakes very well and turns very well", defined by the magazine Windshield in an exhaustive test that he did in 1963. Those benefits allowed the tiny coupe to also stand out in the competition.

His great reference was Roger Scaramella, originally from Bragado. With this car he won the 1965 Grand Prix y 1966, He was also Argentine champion in 1964, 1965 and 1967 as a pilot of the Scuderia Purapinta (a cartoon character). 

That is why many asked Marcelo Perez de Rosa if the car with which it participates in the 2021 edition of the Historical Argentine Grand Prize organized by the Automobile Club Argentino It was the one made famous by Coco Scaramella, although in reality it is a replica.

By Carlo 700
The car sports the BMW logo on its front, a nod to its origins.

“In Bragado there are many emblematic cars, but Scaramella's is the most special”, explains the countryman of that great pilot of the '60s. "It seems incredible, but these cars in their time could travel at 150 km / h on mountain roads", he enthusiastically recounts to autoworld.

Although it tries to represent the De Carlo that Scaramella used, the vehicle was upgraded. For example you have electronic start, something unthinkable when it was created. Francisco Suarez, Pérez de Rosa's companion, is also a mechanic and was the one who managed to update several of his pieces. "We have suffered several Grand Prizes ..."says the pilot as if to sum up the troubles of past editions.

“It is a car that attracts a lot of attention due to its size. I'm honest with you, when the TCs are next to me they scare me, but as this is regular, you have to respect the little one ”, completes the proud owner of this coupe who has had the luxury of having the 101 on his sides and being the first to start this relevant test of regularity motorsport.


CupecitaThe 18th GPAH played this Wednesday the third stage, which began and ended in Potrero de los funes with a tour of 288 kilometers. The day stood out for including a stretch of dirt, something that had not happened in this competition for a long time. 

After the rubble of Large stay competitors went through Potrerillos, La toma, Saladillo Dam y Volcano. Unlike the day before, the heat was not so oppressive thanks to the cloudy sky.

The general changed owner again. It is now in the power of Miguel Gomez Fernandez. Behind are located Carlos Lareu y Moses Osman, who led until the second stage. Something that does not change is the domain of Peugeot , which makes 1-2-3 with the 404.

The race ends on Thursday with the last stage between Potrero de Los Funes and Parchment, where the awards will be made. Much of the Ruta 8, which is often problematic for competitors fighting for victory due to the large number of trucks.


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