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The Smartphone on Wheels

As technology advances, the car will increasingly be an extension of the mobile itself. Here are some trends in mobility that will surprise you.

TOTAL CONNECTIVITY: We currently live connected to our mobile phone. The trend is the development of new technologies so that this connection is not lost at the wheel. In the future, the vehicle itself will be connected, allowing us to improve the customer experience and offer new functions and services. For example, accessing email or social networks, with total safety while driving.

PRESERVE DRIVER SAFETY: The number of specific applications to be used safely inside the car will grow. For example, with a simple gesture on the screen, the driver can now make a call without picking up the mobile.

SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY: Can you imagine never being late for work anymore, because your car guides you on how to do it? In the future, the vehicle will have predictive assistants that help the user to more efficiently choose their daily routes based, for example, on traffic or weather, which will help promote more sustainable mobility.

PARKING LOT: In European urban centers it is estimated that 25% of the traffic are drivers looking for a car park. The applications that detect free places are one of the trends for the future; reducing the time and fuel used to park are their main objective.

COLLABORATIVE ECONOMY: Promoting the exchange of goods is one of the keys to the future. The trend in mobility will be to share a car between several users, allowing access with digital keys on smartphones. Computer applications that help to this end will have an increasing impact.


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