The super digital dashboard of the new Ford GT

As in the cockpit of airplanes and the cockpit of racing cars, the new Ford GT has a fully digital dashboard panel that provides the driver with information quickly and easily from five driving modes. specials.

The innovative XNUMX-inch digital dash is a major advance over the original Ford GT, which was equipped with a dashboard connected directly to a fixed set of analog gauges, buttons and knobs spread across the dashboard that had to respond to all kinds of feedback. situations.

Ford engineers and designers created this next-generation 10-inch wide digital dashboard to be customizable, stylish, and capable of delivering information specific to each driving mode, to help ensure that users who want to drive their Ford GT to the limit, they get the data they need to make decisions behind the wheel in the most efficient way possible.

As the design team began taking prototypes to the road, Ford Performance began reaching out to suppliers capable of offering a next-generation display.

Ford designers and engineers worked hand-in-hand with Pektron (for electronic design, development, implementation, and manufacturing) and Conjure (for graphic design) to create precise and painstakingly animated renders that include prominent type fonts, colors, and a high level of response, and also avoid driver distractions and eye strain.

All five driving modes are easily accessible through controls located on the steering wheel to keep your eyes and attention on the road and your hands on the wheel. Each mode presents information differently, prioritizing what is essential for each environment and adjusting the screen to the specific context.



-Normal mode displays information in a direct and almost businesslike way. The subject is simple; the speedometer is in the center and stands out, the gear selection is on the right, the fuel and temperature gauges are in the upper left. The hockey stick-shaped tachometer is displayed compressed at lower rpm, as the engine revs so fast that the lower figures mean next to nothing to the driver. 3.000-7.000 rpm range dominates the top of the screen

-Wet mode incorporates many of the information concepts of normal mode, adding a blue theme and the concept of "wet ground". Graphics below the speedometer emulate the sheen of wet asphalt to remind the driver that the mode is on

-Sport mode adjusts information priorities. Front and center is gear selection, while the speedometer sits less prominently on the far right. It is designed in an aggressive orange pattern and is the preferred mode of most test drivers.

-Track mode features a sober combination of black background and highly readable text and graphics in a sharp red theme that can be easily captured by the eye in a fast-moving environment. Gear selection and engine speed are prominently displayed, while cooling temperature, oil pressure and temperature, and fuel levels, which are displayed as a percentage rather than miles of range, are located at

-V-Max mode offers a completely different look, fully functional and simplified. It is designed for those looking to achieve maximum speed and features a large speedometer located in the center, with the tachometer reduced to a single line with a dotted indicator to avoid distractions. Cooling temperature, oil pressure, oil temperature, and turbo are on the right and fuel levels on the upper left are on the lower right.


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