The Super TC2000 for sale? Their manager and the supposed buyer speak ...

The rumor became strong in the last dates of the 2021 championship.

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Although the Super TC2000 had a spectacular closing of the year with the definition of its championship on the last date, the consecration of Agustin Canapino (Chevrolet) about Leonel Pernia (Renault) did not serve to leave behind one of the most relevant issues of his season: the strained relationship that exists between the company that owns the category and the teams who participate in it.

The climax of the disagreement was a letter that the teams sent him to Clarín Group, owner of the Super TC2000 through the company AutoSports. There they exposed several points that caused them discomfort and that ranged from promotion to television.

Super TC2000AutoSports calmed the waters with a series of meetings in which they explained their plans for the future, but that seems that this has not been enough to say that everything is normal.

That was exposed in an interview that WorldSport (Monday to Friday from 18 to 19 by AM 570) made him to Dario Ramondaresponsible for Toyota GAZOO Racing Argentina, during the closing of the tournament in Buenos Aires.

“There has to be a change in expectations based on the strategic decisions that are taken; I do not have any doubt about that. Within that we have to solve some things that disturb us. Some of those things are easily approachable to be resolved. Naturally, we must maintain the participation of the factories that this category has as a fundamental asset ”, reflected Ramonda, who was the only team owner who did not sign that harsh letter.

As often happens in these cases, the tension between the category and the teams has caused all kinds of rumors. The most relevant, so to speak, indicates that Grupo Clarín wants to get rid of the category. But is there such a possibility?

Super TC2000The answer was given Francisco Aldinio, responsible for AutoSports, to Auto Vision: “Nobody in the Group told me that they had intentions to sell, something that at this time of the year they would have to know in terms of planning things. Furthermore, these types of operations are not carried out overnight… ”.

In any case, the executive did not close all this possibility. In fact, he ended the dialogue with this sentence: "I don't think the sale will happen, but you never know what business is like ...".

The supposed interested in acquiring the Super TC2000, according to the same rumor, has a first and last name: Alexander Levy, who is the current owner of the Top Race and RallyCross (CarX).

The businessman and pilot categorically ruled it out to autoworld: “We are not, today, behind the Super TC2000… With my entire team we are committed to the Top Race and CarX so that both categories strengthen and grow. That is our main desire and objective today ”.

Those involved in that transcendence denied it, but we all know that old saying: "When the river sounds it is because water brings ..."


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