Javier Ciabattari points to the Super TC2000 and the CDA

The team-manager showed his dissatisfaction with certain situations. He not only spoke of the category, but also of the audit.

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This year Super TC2000 lived one of the most difficult moments in its history when a letter was released in which several teams criticized the current management of Autosports, company that owns the category. While the waters appeared to be calm, recent statements by Javier Ciabattari, owner of FDC Motor Sport, shows that peace is sustained with very thin threads.

“The letter that the Super TC 2000 teams made to the owners of the category changed things. They are not seen because profound changes have not yet been made because these large economic groups that run the category (Grupo Clarín), act slowly and do not do things from today to tomorrow ", Ciabattari explained to Vision Auto.

Javier Ciabattari"Despite this, the letter made us take a big step forward, because it served to visualize the problems we had had for a long time", clarified the team-manager, who in any case continues to maintain his position on some internal aspects of the Super and also referred to the current management of the Automobile Sports Commission.


“In the CDA, the great problems that were hidden are coming to light. Those problems are sporting, technical ... of all kinds. They are demonstrating every weekend. My concern is that a strong union between drivers and teams has not yet been achieved so that we can defend ourselves. I still see it as possible. The problem that arises now with the weakness of the ACA is that very serious mistakes are being made ", he assured in relation to what happened with the sanctions he received Matias Rossi in the Villicum and for which the pilot decided not to run a black flag that was taken from his pilot Javier Scuncio Moro in the race of TC2000 in Toay "Without having had any responsibility in playing with Jorge Barrio."

“The aforementioned adds to the lack of leadership. There is no reference point from which to start because there is weakness everywhere. There is weakness in the promoter, in the inspection body, in the supplier of tires that are not all the same, in the complex situations that occur with engines. There are very few good things. The greatest value of the Super TC 2000 are the teams, who are still very strong and professional, and the drivers. They are the two bases where the category is supported. So when we have a stronger union maybe this story will change, although I don't think it will be quickly ”, He added.

And then he returned with his criticism of Autosport, although they admitted that the responsibility is shared. “I have addressed Mr. Francisco Aldinio (director of Grupo Clarín and head of Super TC 2000) and other people telling them that we are making a disaster and ruining a generation of athletes ... The incapacity of the system leads to the law of the jungle or justice by own hand. I don't name it, I say the system and when I say the system I mean the promoter, the supervisory body and also we, the teams and competitors. There is unity between the teams, hopefully there is between the drivers ”. 

Finally Ciabattari assured: "They say that everyone defends their kiosk, but when the roofs are blown off that kiosk, the glass breaks, the windows won't close and the sweets get wet, you start to get complicated."

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