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Pregnant at the wheel: Safety tips to keep in mind

Recommendations for those women who drive at this stage of their lives. How to adopt a correct position and minimize risks in the event of an accident.

Getting behind the wheel of a car always involves a question of responsibility, for us, for the third parties with whom we share the traffic and much more when we carry passengers. But what happens when a woman has life inside her? Care must be maximized to avoid any situation that could put the health of the pregnant woman and her baby at risk.

The first question to answer is, Can a pregnant woman drive? Of course yes, unless your doctor indicates otherwise.. A pregnant woman is able to travel safely even up to the third trimester, always using the seat belt and adopting a correct driving position. While in the first trimester you should take into account that there is the possibility of dizziness or nausea, so it is better to do it in the company of someone.

PregnantNow, What would be a correct driving position? The usual: placing both hands on the wheel at 2:10, and adjusting the height and depth of the same so that, having your back supported on the back of the chair, by extending the arm and placing the hand on the steering wheel ring, the wrist can be flexed, letting it fall from behind.

In this way we guarantee that the arms are flexed and with a sufficient angle of maneuver at all times. Avoid driving with your arms fully stretched out or -on the contrary- so flexed that the steering wheel almost touches the chest. It must be remembered the airbag is housed inside the steering wheel, a safety element that is not dangerous as long as the belt is worn and a minimum distance between the body and it of between 20 and 25 cm is kept.

Regarding the pedals, The seat must be adjusted longitudinally, confirming that when the brake is pressed, the leg is extended and allows the necessary pressure to be applied. The backrest -in the meantime- must be as straight as possible. The remaining point to take into account are the three rear-view mirrors, the two exterior and the interior, to get a correct view.

PregnantHow should a pregnant woman wear the belt? First of all, it must regulate its height on the pillar of the car, placing it in the lowest position with respect to the shoulder; this allows it to pass over the clavicle and not touch the neck, avoiding injuries and burns in the event of an accident.

“From our automotive company, we always put safety at the wheel as a primary focus. Experts suggest that the upper tape should pass between the breasts and the lower one below the belly, never above; the same applies in the case of traveling as a companion, both forward and backward ”, explains Diana Anzola, Head of Marketing for Kia Argentina.

Other points to keep in mind: you must avoid sudden maneuvers when accelerating or braking; on long trips it is recommended to make stops to rest, promote the circulation of the legs and avoid accumulating liquids.

And it should be placed cell phone in a safe and secure place, since, if it falls to the ground or out of reach, it is likely that - due to reduced mobility - it will be difficult and dangerous to bend down to retrieve it. That is why it is practical to have it stored, but connected to the car through the Bluetooth and / or through Android Auto y Apple C for the applications.



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