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In 2022 cars will be connected to virtual assistants

A man who falls in love with a smart operating system doesn't seem like a very feasible scenario, even if he has the voice of Scarlett Johansson. However, the movie Her (2013) is closer to reality than you think.

Imagine a couple who anticipates any of your needs. Who orders take out when you're too tired to cook, who plays the song that cheers you up when you're sad and even remembers your friends' birthdays. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Fortunately, you don't need a flesh and blood better half to cover your back. Experts foresee that your car will take care of that very soon. Almost all new vehicles are expected to incorporate a voice recognition system by 2022, so the next step could be systems that interpret the tone of voice and facial expressions to anticipate the needs of drivers or, in other words, empathetic cars.

"We are well on the way to developing a vehicle that could encourage you or give you advice when you need it, as well as keep you alert on a long trip," said Fatima Vital, senior director at Nuance Communications, who collaborated with Ford to develop the recognition. voice on your SYNC 3 in-car connectivity system.

SYNC 3 will connect American drivers to Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant. The systems of the future are expected to evolve into personal assistants that can manage the user's agenda. In the next two years, voice control systems could make all sorts of helpful suggestions such as “Would you like to order flowers for your mother for Mother's Day?”, “Would you rather she choose a slower route but with less traffic?" or “You are running out of your favorite chocolates. Do you want us to stop at this store to buy more? "

For those times when you would rather be alone with your thoughts, your car may recognize when silence is better.

"Voice commands like 'I'm hungry' to find a restaurant and 'I need a coffee' are already taking SYNC 3 into the realm of personal assistants," said Mareike Sauer, voice control engineer for Ford's Connectivity Applications team. Europe. "At some point, drivers will not only be able to use their native language with their own accent, but they will also be able to use their own expressions."

But is it dangerous for life to imitate art? Could we fall in love with our AI buddies like in the movie Her? “In-car systems will be able to take into account the context of almost any situation, and they will be able to learn without human participation. When it comes to languages, they won't need to stick to a pre-established script, and they could even coin their own words and phrases, ”says Dominic Watt, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Language and Linguistic Science at York University. "As technology gets smarter, we'll get used to talking to systems just like we talk to other people, and systems will learn to adapt to us."


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