Enzo Ferrari: His opinion on Fangio, González and Reutemann

The relationship between Enzo Ferrari and the drivers of his team has always been complex, although highly respectful. This is how Il Commendatore thought of the three Argentines who gave him victories in Formula 1.

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Those who dealt with Enzo Ferrari they claim it was a strange and complex man  owner of a strong personality. These characteristics, added to his skills as an organizer, allowed him to create one of the most iconic car brands in the world. The races, in general, and the F1In particular, they had a lot to do with the process of turning a simple dream into a successful reality.

One of the secrets of Il Commendatore was not only building fast cars, but also have the best possible drivers to beat your rivals. His relationship with them was cordial, as long as they remained respectful of the history of the Scuderia.

Enzo FerrariWho was the greatest runner of all time? That question was asked several times, but it is not possible to give an answer. It is not possible to classify together, even ideally, pilots who have acted at different times on different terrain and in profoundly different technical conditions. Each driver, in my opinion, should not be judged separately from their time, therefore any comparison is inappropriate. At the most, it will be possible to try subjective approaches ”, ever claimed.

But Don Enzo took his time and in 1983, five years before his death; published a book dedicated to runners which he titled "Pilots, what people." There he rescued the characteristics of those drivers who passed through his team.

Obviously, in that racconto he took into account the only three Argentines who gave him victories in the Maximum: Juan Manuel Fangio, champion with the Scuderia in 1956; José Froilán González, which gave him his first success in the F-1 and, in addition, a triumph in the 24 Hours of Le Mans; Y Carlos Reutemann, who won five Grands Prix in a La Rossa car. That's how he thought of them ...


“Speaking of the great aces of the steering wheel, one of the names that is used most frequently is that of Juan Manuel Fangio. Discordant judgments have been heard about this great champion, both about the pilot and about the man. As a man, Fangio has remained indecipherable to me.

I have written at length about certain conversations of ours conducted through interposting people, of certain impenetrable smiles, until the moment of our rediscovered friendship. His competitive stature of auction was, instead, indisputable. He had a decidedly superior career vision; a balance and a climactic combative intelligence and a truly unique racing confidence. I think we can hardly ever have an ace capable of such astute continuity in success again.

He never 'married' any brand: aware of his ability, he pursued all the possibilities of permanently driving the best car of the moment. He succeeded, obtaining five titles. Likewise, it is worth remembering that he always fought not only for first place but also for rear positions in order to bring his machine to the finish line ”.


“There was no affinity between him and Fangio. In a sense, González was the opposite guy. El Cabezón, as everyone called him, was the exact opposite of Fangio's continuity and regularity. It alternated blissful periods of unusual speeds, directly unknown, with alarming pauses.

When he was at the top he slowed down until he was inexplicably overcome. When he was chasing he was a destroyer of adversaries. I confess that I have never understood why this pilot exhibited such extraordinary sinuosity in racing behavior.

I must conclude by holding, however, that it was a courageous, enterprising and generous flyer. I cannot forget that it gave the Ferrari house magnificent satisfactions, already at Silverstone, when for the first time it managed to beat the Alfa Romeo and Mercedes teams, as in Argentina, when it defeated the Mercedes for two more consecutive times or at Le Mans. , in an edition of the 24 Hours for Heart Attack ”.


“He is a very serious professional and enjoys my esteem. He is a conscientious worker, has excellent mechanical sensitivity and is willful in that delicate job of tuning the car, which is an essential condition for achieving success… ”.

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