Study: During their lives, Argentines spend 4 years and 3 months in their cars

When we talk about cars, we generally focus on performance, design and technological innovations, although we rarely analyze what we do inside them. In other words, how we feel and how we "live" being inside a vehicle. Now, thanks to a study carried out by Citroën and CSA Research, those questions have an answer.

The study was carried out in July and August 2016 with populations of 500 people over 14 years of age from Argentina, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

The study covers a wide range of questions, such as: how do drivers and passengers experience the time they spend in the car throughout their lives? How much time do they spend in the car? How many times do they make love in the car? How many times do they say "We're almost there"? How many times do they fight in the car?

Citroën started the study because, to design a car, you need to understand what role it plays in people's lives. Next, the data collected in our country ...

-A total of 4 years and 3 months it is the amount of time that an average Argentine spends in the car throughout his life. Are 2 years and 7 months as a driver, and 1 year and 8 months as a passenger. Of the total, 2 years and 9 months they are spent with family or friends.

In addition, Argentines who drive almost every day thank or greet 6.194 people on the street.

-People don't just sing in the shower ... They also sing in the car! Throughout their lives, Argentines sing at full volume in the car some 6.253 times. In addition, the vehicle is an extension of the bathroom since many Argentines comb, shave or make up in the car 728 times.

-Cars are also a place to relax, a bubble that Argentines take advantage of to recharge their batteries 2.585 times throughout your life. Many times they also see very surprising things from the car; 459 times to be exact. 

-Cars are also a place to express emotions, good and bad: Argentine drivers laugh uncontrollably 421 times and cry 114 times in your life. It is also a place to feed as they eat 2.452 times. 

-The car also has many experiences related to loved ones: they play something 205 times, they reconcile 88 times and they answer "We're almost there" 381 times when someone asks "How much longer?"

-The car is also a place with strong sensual connotations. Throughout their lives, Argentines kiss 3.788 times and they make love 4 times in the car. It should be noted that at this point there are great geographical differences: while the English and the French make love in the car 3,4 times, in the case of Italians it is 8 times!


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