Study: Electric Cars Are More Reliable

Electric cars

Electric cars are increasingly reliable than those that use combustion engines, according to data obtained from their owners by the American association Consumer Reports. "Electric cars are very reliable," said Jake Fisher, head of car testing for Consumer Reports, a nonprofit association.

"Electric cars are, by their conception, less complicated than combustion engine or hybrids," he explained, mainly due to the absence of fuel supply and cooling systems, and wear parts such as filters. or the spark plugs.

According to tests carried out by Consumer Reports, the Chevrolet Bolt electric car, manufactured by General Motors, exhibits great reliability, despite the fact that the manufacturer is known for the relative fragility of its models.

"This is one of the most reliable vehicles in the General Motors range," said Fisher, noting that Tesla electric cars were also among the most reliable of those evaluated by Consumer Reports when it comes to mechanics.

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The Model X manufactured by the Californian manufacturer received, however, poor marks in the interior equipment and in the infotainment system (such as car radio and GPS).

According to a survey carried out on a sample of 640.000 consumers, problems in new cars are, however, more frequent now than before, especially due to the increase in electronic equipment.

Electric cars have been in full development for some years thanks to their contribution to the fight against pollution and climate change and several countries have adopted policies to promote their use and purchase. But the main obstacle to a large expansion remains the lack of infrastructure to recharge them and their relatively limited autonomy.

According to the results of a study conducted by the ON World research institute, half of electric car drivers are concerned about the absence of public charging stations.

In addition, according to US government statistics, there are currently about 16.000 public charging points for electric vehicles in the country, compared to 121.000 service stations.


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