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Trendsity, together with Silkolene, the world's leading brand of motorcycle lubricants, cleaning products and maintenance, carried out a qualitative study with the aim of knowing the profile of motorcycle lovers and the universe of experiences and meanings around them and their care.

As revealed by the investigation, the bond between bikers and their motorcycles is very strong and affective and has a connection that goes beyond model, brand or size: “What is imposed as its own and particular to the motorcycle is the experience itself. itself, where enjoyment and disconnection are always present. The motorcycle occupies a prominent place in their lives and their families, it becomes a way of life ”, explained Mariela Mociulsky, Director of Trendsity.

At the same time, Silkolene observed a strong growth in the sector, and in this context, they are carrying out the official launch of the brand in the country: “According to estimates made by the Chamber of Motorcycle Vehicle Manufacturers (CAFAM) in the month of March, the number of patents increased by 53%. Furthermore, it is estimated that 64.374 motorcycles and derivatives were purchased, a 34% increase compared to February, ”said Florencia Pinto, Communication Consultant at Silkolene Argentina.

The study also revealed that the motorcycle is an ally in the city and brings practicality to urban chaos: “It is a global trend, the option of the motorcycle simplifies daily circulation and is imposed in the face of an adverse context of excess traffic and multiple obstacles that they paralyze the city, ”Mociulsky pointed out.                                                   

Pinto also added that 92% of registered motor vehicles were manufactured in the country, which confirms the upward trend in the sector in Argentina. "Based on the results of the study, we are working to make users aware of caring for their motorcycles."

Although the functional benefits of motorcycles are important (fluidity, speed, accessibility and easy parking), the emotional ones (such as adrenaline, fraternity, high sensoriality) are those that synthesize for them what it means to ride a motorcycle. "It is a moment of liberation and pleasure where they connect with themselves and with the moment, especially on special occasions such as trips or trips," they explained from Trendsity.

For them, not only does the motorcycle allow them to go where others cannot, but it opens up paths and landscapes that they could not otherwise see. "In a way, it gives them a different point of view, it's their own style that differentiates them from the rest," said Ximena Díaz Alarcón, Trendsity's partner director.

The idea of ​​union and belonging to something in common is an important part of the biker lifestyle: “Riding a motorcycle generates a lot of bond and exchange, whether in the form of forums or affinity groups, the exchange of experiences or knowledge or other multiple activities that are done together ”, revealed the investigation.

Among them, trips stand out, the experience that most updates the entire biker imaginary: “It brings into play all the underlying values: from the search for adventure to camaraderie, the common codes of a group, the idea of ​​reaching a common objective, among others ”, indicated Mociulsky.

They live the motorcycle experience as a way to test themselves and overcome adversity: “Riding a motorcycle is experienced as something that implies certain discomforts such as getting dirty, messy, being hot and cold, but they feel that nothing surpasses that feeling of freedom, of perceiving with all the senses, and that travels transform obstacles into battles won. The problems are solved and remain forever as anecdotes of overcoming ”, declared the interviewees.

Caring for the motorcycle is another central issue among motorcycle lovers: “The link with care and knowledge varies and depends on motivation as well as on the experience of the subject. In any case, the voice of the referents of the environment as well as of the professionals is always essential to make any type of decision, "they said from Trendsity.

The role of women has also undergone substantial changes in relation to the motorcycle: the woman went from going behind, to being the one who drives. "More and more women drive motorcycles in the country, who identify with the idea of ​​a feminine style of riding a motorbike," said Díaz Alarcón. All the burden of discomfort associated with the use of the motorcycle is accentuated in the case of women, however they recognize themselves as self-confident: “Although they state that it interferes with their grooming and grooming habits, for which they find strategies or adapt to it. A woman who rides a motorcycle is perceived and feels herself as a strong, free and autonomous woman ”, concluded Mociulsky.


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