The flamboyant Eifelland 21 of Formula 1

It was a March 721 modified by industrial designer Luigi Colani.

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The German team Eifelland had a fleeting step through the F1. He barely played eight Grands Prix in the 1972 season with the German Rolf Stommelen as sole pilot.

The squad was owned by the tycoon Gunther henerici, who also had a company that manufactured trailers. To promote his business Henerici bet on motorsport with participations in Formula 3 and the Formula 2.

Eifelland 21This is how it came to Formula 1, at a time when these types of adventures were possible thanks to the fact that you could buy a chassis from a third party and equip it with a reliable engine.

Eifelland never won and didn't even make a podium. In fact, his best finishing position was a couple of tenths with Stommelen in Monaco and Great Britain. However, he is fondly remembered by the memoir for the extravagant design of his car, the Type 21, which was actually a March 721 modified.

The Eifelland 21 was conceived by Luigi colani, a German artist dedicated to industrial design who at that time had a studio that designed home furnishings, appliances, even clothing.

Luigi colani
Luigi Colani explains the details of Eifelland 21 to Rolf Stommelen.

The car was visible to the naked eye for two reasons: its curious central rear view mirror, located on a pillar in the upper part of the trunk and well above the head of the conductor; and an air inlet that passed around the cabin until it reached the engine Ford cosworth.

Towards the end of that season, the Eifelland trailer company was sold and the new owner decided to cancel the Formula 1 program. Thus, the Type 21 stopped racing, although it secured a place in the history of the category for its unique design. .

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