Extreme E's boat is ready to go for the first race

The St. Helena was rebuilt to be the hub of the new electrical category.

After a huge renovation process that spanned two years, the St. Helena, the ship of Extreme E, is just hours away from setting sail for the first racing weekend of the electric SUV category championship, which will take place on April 3-4 at Saudi Arabia.

The moment was marked in Liverpool, Great Britain, by the founder and CEO of Extreme E, Alexander Agag, who sprayed a bottle of Moët champagne, specially personalized for the occasion, on the hull of the boat to toast the start of its new journey.

St Helena boat“I am very proud. The St. Helena's departure marks the beginning of her new journey. The first season of Extreme E is officially underway. This has been a huge project and it really is unrecognizable since we bought it in 2018. It is unmistakable that it is part of Extreme E with the exterior branding, and the internal remodel looks amazing. One of the characteristics of the ship that is among my favorites is the creation of a scientific laboratory, which replaces the original swimming pool, and I am delighted that from Saudi Arabia we have a variety of scientists on board carrying out ocean research projects ”, Agag explained.

“I have always had a love for the ocean, inspired by the documentaries of the French biologist Jacques Cousteau. He made me dream because he had a ship, the Calypso, and my dream is for the Santa Helena to become the new Calypso of the XNUMXst century ”, added the Spanish executive.

The former ship of the Royal Mail, which served as a connection to the island of Saint Helena, has been under the management of Extreme E for more than two years and during this time it has undergone an extensive renovation process that cost several million euros, including a complete mechanical overhaul. , as well as a total renovation of the interior along with a new decoration.

St Helena boatThis week all the material of the teams and championship partners has been uploaded to the St. Helena. Items include your fleet of electric vehicles (ODYSSEY 21) equipped with tires Continental , tents Air Shelta that will form the garages of the teams, the podium, the starting gate, the television and transmission equipment, three machines of 3devo to turn plastic waste into championship trophies, two custom support cans BRIG Eagle 8, a hydrogen fuel cell for charging cars with zero emissions created in collaboration with AFC Energy, plus a variety of Bosch tools.

The focus of the remodel was to significantly improve the vessel, leaving the smallest possible environmental footprint. For this, the upcycling (creatively reuse), and instead of scrapping and replacing, the interior was dismantled and renovated, giving a contemporary and modern look.

Furthermore, the boat uses energy efficient LED lights, low water consumption bathroom accessories and even chairs made from recycled plastic bottles collected in the Mediterranean. There's also a onboard hydroponic system in the kitchens that will allow the chef to grow his own herbs and garnishes. The ship is now ready to start a new life as a championship logistics center.

Last year, Extreme E, in collaboration with the Enel Foundation, a founding scientific partner of the championship, invited scientists to request space on the ship to conduct research related to the advancement of climate science in their onboard laboratory during the voyage.

St Helena boatIn total, they have been selected seven projects led by 14 scientists to participate in the trip. Each of the seven projects will focus on a different area of ​​ocean research, details of which will be announced in the coming weeks.

In addition, it has 62 cabins with capacity for Per people, two lounges, a restaurant with 80 seats, an outdoor deck of 100 places, a presentation area of 80 places and ability to transport 90 containers of 20 feet. A crew of 50 people will live and work aboard the Santa Helena during its journey.

Together with them will be the Impact correspondent of Extreme E, Izabela Rekiel, who is also an international DJ, environmental activist, climate reality leader, and Project Zero ambassador. Izy will document life at the Santa Elena through periodicals on her social media channels (@izyofficial).

The St. Helena will sail the Mediterranean to Saudi Arabia, where it is expected to arrive in 17-20 days. Then it will go through it again until Senegal. From there it will cross to Greenland, will go down to Amazonas and continue south to the final destination of the season in Land of Fire, Argentine Patagonia.



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