Could the Road Tourism of the future be like this?

An English graphic artist saw a video of the TC on YouTube and created his own version of a car in the popular category.

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What if the cars of the Road Tourism be modernized and look close to the NASCAR? The answer was given by the English graphic artist Carlos Pecino, who revamped the look of the popular category with a clever design.

According to Pecino, who on social media is @ColorSponge, its creation is "The craziest and most ridiculous thing" you have done so far. As he commented, the idea of ​​creating his own TC came after watching a video on YouTube of TC.

TC Chevrolet"It is a popular category in Argentina where the great Ford and Chevrolet are protagonists", Pecino, who has 15 years of experience in the digital world, explained to his followers.

In his post, he shared three images that show that his design is much more harmonious than the current Turismo Carretera.

The conceptual model stands out for its more voluminous lines on the back and a Fastback roof, giving it a '60s muscle car look.

The design maintains the side pontoons, adds fins to the rear of the nose to cool the engine and incorporates Hoosier tires, instead of the NA Made in Argentina. The front, meanwhile, is radical and very different from what is seen in these parts.

“Apparently, in recent years, fans are a bit concerned about the actual look of the cars, which makes it impossible to distinguish one from the other. So we thought it might be great to bring back two of the most iconic cars, the Camaro Z28 and the Mustang, back into this category. "the artist explained.

“If you're a Camaro lover… this may piss you off how little reminiscent of the original, but it was a lot of fun getting her figure to fit the category. The wheelbase achieves that feeling of watching a NASCAR instantly… I love this kind of simple and simplistic design. It's just brutal ”, He added.

Luckily Pecino promised to share more renderings of this "Crazy and ridiculous thing."

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