Happy International Volkswagen Beetle Day!

Every June 22, a tribute is paid to one of the most iconic vehicles in the automotive industry.

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Cada 22 June Is celebrated the International Volkswagen Beetle Day with the aim of commemorating one of the most iconic vehicles in the automotive industry. The date was chosen because that day, in 1934, the contract was signed between the Association of the German Automobile Industry y Ferdinand Porsche to create the Volkswagen, "People's car" in German.

The initiative for the celebration came from Alexander Gromow, president of the Brazil VW Club, and became effective in 1995. Only two years after the start of this commemoration, in 1997, the VW Beetle ceased to be the best-selling car in the world, a place that now holds the Toyota Corolla.

VW BeetlePorsche had ten months to design the vehicle, which had its first roadworthy prototype the 5 of February of 1936. Those early development cars were called KdF car, German abbreviation of Kraft durch Freude meaning "Strength through joy."

El Volkswagen Type 1, as the Beetle was officially named, began mass production in December 1945. The first production was of 55 units, while the following year more than 10.000.

Before the end of the 1950s, it began to be exported to other countries and United States was one of the first nations to receive it. Depending on where the VW sedan arrived, it received different names such as Beetle, Beetle, Beetle, Beetle, Coccinelle, beetle y Beetle, Among others.

In 1955 the unit was assembled one million of the Volkswagen Sedan, in 1972 the 15 million units produced, surpassing the record belonging to the Ford Model T. Twenty years later the brand reached 21 million units.

VW BeetleThe popularity of the VW Beetle was such that in 1963 it was used to "play" Herbie, a car with a life of its own in the movie Motorized Cupid.

In 1998 the legendary model was replaced by the New Beetle, with a more modern design and adapted to the new times, although it did not have the success of the original version.

The German automaker ended production of the Beetle at its Puebla (Mexico) plant in 2003. In a span of 58 years, a total of 21.529.464 units.

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