Fernando Ruiz Díaz: Mr. Mustang

The front man for Catupecu Machu and Vanthra spoke with Automundo about his love affair with the Ford Mustang.

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Since Ike Turner wrote a song to a Rocket 88 In 1951, rock and cars have maintained an intrinsic relationship that knows neither models nor musical styles. Maybe that's why he reflected on Turner's theme when he talks about, "Travel in style and move all the time". Fernando Ruiz Diaz, the frontman of Catupecu Machu y Vanthra, is not the exception in that rule that states that "Every rocker must be passionate about iron." He enjoys them very much, although he has a weakness for only one: the Ford Mustang.

Ruiz Díaz with Mr. Flavio during the launch of the 2020 Ford Mustang His bond with cars was born long before he started to rock it… It all started in the early 1970s with that Mercury that his grandfather had. “Being upstairs was impressive. I was a kid and although it was a big car, it seemed huge to me. It was a 40-something model and we were in the '70s, that is, that car was old. And it was seen as such, like an old car. It is not like now that there is a culture and devotion to old vehicles. I told my grandfather that I was going to make mine, but then it was sold… I really would love to have it because it was incredible ”, the guitarist explained to Automundo in the preview of thepresentation of the new Mustang.

Because of those things of destiny, that bond that he started with Ford through his grandfather's Mercury had continuity throughout his life. The climax was when his father took him to see Bullit at the cinema. Fernando was flashed by the persecutions and, especially, with the mustang he was driving Steve McQueen. There he realized that the famous pony car was the car of his dreams.

Then that idyll with the Oval took definitive shape in 2011 when he was invited to visit the brand's stand at the Buenos Aires Auto Show. “At first I didn't really want to go, but when I asked if they would show a Mustang and they said yes, I didn't hesitate. The idea was to take a photo of me and leave, but they wanted to interview me. So I said yes, but they were all going to be on top of the Mustang Shelby that was on display. During the interviews I kept giving facts about the Mustang, something that amazed everyone. And that's where it all began ”, he recalls.

The link with Ford Argentina He was on such good terms that his executives asked him if he had a Catupecu Machu song that could be related to the Mustang. Fernando did not hesitate. That theme was the single "The skin of the road" of 2016. “When they heard the song they loved it and later we also made the video, in which you see a Mustang from '80, which was by Agustín Rocino (the drummer); and mine. That was crazy because before they called me with that idea, I had already thought of the video script. When I was writing it on my desk I had a small scale Mustang and in my head it appeared in the video driving one ”….

Another fact that speaks of the fanaticism of Ruiz Díaz with the Mustang is that during the participation of Catupecu Machu in the launch of the Ford Ranger in Salta in 2012 He said that the first Mustang that came to Argentina was going to be his. So it was. “Ford had brought the first five Mustangs into the country and it was all a state secret. I went to see them and I chose mine. In black, obviously ”.

Very boy fan of Meteor, the singer also clarifies that he does not feel something special for the speed, but for the fact of traveling in a car: “It's something that inspires me a lot. Both traveling on top of a car, as on a motorcycle. I love driving. I love getting lost in driving and listening to music. "

But that journey doesn't necessarily have to be alone. When Fernando wrote “La piel del camino” he imagined traveling with someone special, something that can be seen in the stanza "And I saw us traveling the way I dreamed, awake and asleep, I dreamed it, I dreamed it ...".

Those words are dedicated to his daughter Lila. “When I wrote it, I imagined myself with her on the road. And then a funny thing happened. Because when they handed me the Mustang, the first long trip I made was to Córdoba, where we were going to premiere the song; and he was with her, who was three years old at the time. It was an incredible trip that she and I enjoyed and we remember very much ". Lila, who is six years old today, christened her father's Mustang as "The black car" and you already know that in the future it will be yours.

It is clear that Fernando Ruiz Díaz is a big fan of Ford's pony car. And you could say that it is a true Mr mustang. In fact, when asked to summarize this legendary model, he does so with a phrase that leaves no room for doubt: “For me, it is the perfect car ".

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