Ferrari 458 MM Especial: Made to measure


Inspired by the legendary 288 Ferrari 1984 GTO, the delightful special 458 MM is the only and latest creation in the Italian automaker Maranello's One-Off program, which was built for a millionaire British customer.

The car was photographed during the first dynamic test carried out on the Fiorano track by the buyer himself together with Darío Benuzzi, a historic “Cavallino” driver.

Designed by the Centro Stile Ferrari, this unique specimen was developed on the mechanical basis of the 458 Special and presents decidedly interesting stylistic features.

At the express request of the British collector, the team led by Flavio Manzoni masterfully returned to the body shape in memory of the 288 GTO. Also the white color and those of the Italian flag were decided by whoever ordered the car.


Sporty and elegant at the same time, the vehicle looks like a true moving sculpture. Among the great attractiveness of the design elements is the “visor effect” of the glazing in particular: windscreen and side windows appear to be united in a single gesture, with the front assembly painted black to ensure a perfect visual transition between the different surfaces, as on the 1984 GTO. A solution that allowed to create an optical effect that lowers the front part of the body and gives a boost to the rear.

The body, completely new and painted white and in the center the colors of the Italian flag, a triple layer of great impact, was made by hand in aluminum while for the bumpers carbon fiber was used. The side air intake is also unprecedented and particularly successful, which slims the silhouette, offering a sensation of great dynamism also for the stationary vehicle.

The air intake, as a Ferrari tradition, combines style and functionality and represents a distinctive element of the in-depth review of the aerodynamic package. This also includes other novelties, starting with the front of the vehicle, where the body hugs the radiators, now more inclined and mounted closer. The side air intake was designed to allow additional cooling of the engine compartment, compensating for the new shape of the rear window.


At the rear, a fixed spoiler allows the load to be balanced evenly, not completing the belt line that starts from the front bumpers, and then continues with a long flank, giving the impression of a strong forward lean.

Among the purely aesthetic novelties of the 458 MM Especial to note are the redesigned optics and the exclusively designed wheels.

Inside, the finishes tailored to customer requirements and the adoption of an extremely refined audio system are appreciated. For the upholstery, a chocolate-colored leather upholstery and white satin stitching were chosen, used to highlight the commands on the center console.



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