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Ferrari 488 GT Modificata: 700 horses to fully enjoy

This new limited edition is exclusive to use in Track Days and events of the Competizioni Club of the Italian brand.

Ferrari  presents the new Ferrari 488 GT Modificata, a limited edition model that exceeds the limits imposed by technical and sporting regulations in order to develop its potential to the maximum. Use of the 488 GT Modificata is limited to Track Days and events of Ferrari Competizioni GT Club.

The 488 GT Modificata is a perfect synthesis between the 488 GTE, which competes in the Wec, and the 488 GT3, king of GT racing. Both are two of the most successful models in the history of the Prancing Horse. Your resume speaks for itself with more than 300 wins and 600 podiums Obtained in national and international competitions for the 488 GT3. These are joined by different world titles for drivers, teams and constructors in the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship. For its part, the 488 GTE can boast of having triumphed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Petit Le Mans.

Ferrari 488 GT ModificataThe name of the car includes the word "Modificata", which in Ferrari jargon refers to designs that have been modified to improve performance. In this case, the already remarkable performance of the Ferrari 488 GT3 and Ferrari 488 GTE combining its most effective and innovative solutions, and developing new technologies mainly linked to the engine, which is no longer limited by the system BOP (performance balance) imposed by the FIA.

Legendary V8 biturbo engine underwent a comprehensive study that resulted in the special design of certain components and the use of racing engine materials. The maximum engine power is now around 700 CV thanks to the use of highly innovative solutions and more extreme maps that substantially increase performance. The gearbox, available with different gear ratios, and the carbon fiber clutch help manage the increased power and torque provided by the engine.

Ferrari 488 GT ModificataAfter intensive development work carried out on the slopes of Nordschleife, the downforce of the 488 GT Modificata was completely changed by shifting the center of pressure forward. This increases negative lift at the front without increasing overall drag, improving efficiency and sensitivity to changes in rear wing angle.

Except aluminum roof and mullions, the body is made entirely of carbon fiber, as in the 488 GTE. This helps to provide an aerodynamic load of more than 1000 kg at 230 km / h.

In defining the dynamics of the 488 GT Modificata, the engineers chose to use the suspension from the 488 GTE. The braking system was developed in collaboration with Brembo. It includes the brake calipers that are installed in world championship cars, which offer low residual torque when braking, as well as an ABS system derived from the 488 GT3 Evo 2020, which has special configurations. This synergy provides drivers with formidable handling and powerful braking, limiting fading problems (loss of efficiency due to increased temperature and wear).

Ferrari 488 GT ModificataThe extensive factory-installed equipment on the 488 GT Modificata includes a data acquisition system V-Box that is combined with the acquisition system Bosch telemetry data. It is an expandable system that allows you to download data directly to a USB memory. The high resolution rear view camera, the second seat and the TPMS system for measuring tire temperature and pressure are also standard.

Like all Ferraris, the 488 GT Modificata offers a wide range of customization options for both its exterior and interior. The car, from which a minimum number of units, is initially aimed at drivers who, in recent years, have participated in Competizioni GT races with Ferrari or Club Competizioni GT events.



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