Ferrari GTC4Lusso: to drive at all times

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Ferrari will present at the Geneva Motor Show, from March 3 to 13, its new four-seater model, the GTC4Lusso, an all-wheel drive with a directional rear axle.

According to the Maranello brand, the GTC4Lusso was designed for customers who want to experience the pleasure of driving a Ferrari at any place or time, regardless of whether it is short or long trips, or the state of the road, explains the brand.

As it did with the FF model, the Prancing Horse seeks to consolidate a new and younger customer base who make more intensive use of their cars and which translates into a 30% increase in mileage above the average.

The name GTC4Lusso is inspired by some of its most illustrious predecessors such as the 330 GTC, including its twin 330 GT - one of Enzo Ferrari's favorites - with a 2 + 2 configuration, and the 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso that represented a combination of its time. sublime of elegance and high performance. The number 4 alludes to its four comfortable seats.

The 12-cylinder engine in the GTC4Lusso is rated at 690 hp at 8.000 rpm. Both its power-to-weight ratio of 2,6 kg / CV and its 13.5: 1 compression set new records in its category. The engine's sound has a multifaceted personality, being “rich and powerful” in sporty driving, at the same time as “ discreet and balanced ”in the city.

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is "exceptionally versatile" in all conditions thanks to the Ferrari 4RM Evo, a patented all-wheel drive system integrated for the first time with the rear steering.


The result is the recently patented 4RM-S (four-wheel drive and steering) system which, also based on another new patent from the Prancing Horse brand and the latest evolution of the Side Slip Control System 4.0, now incorporates electronic differential. (E-Diff) and SCM-E shocks.

This sophisticated set of dynamic vehicle controls allows the driver to easily operate the GTC4Lusso on snowy, wet or low-grip surfaces.

The new generation SCM-E damping control also contributes to improved performance on uneven surfaces and increases ride comfort.

The aerodynamic solutions exhibited by the GTC4Lusso focus on a new front grille with integrated air intakes to improve radiator efficiency, on side vents reminiscent of the 330 GTC, on a roof-mounted rear spoiler and on a new triple grill diffuser.

The combined effect of all these elements translates into a significantly lower Cd (drag coefficient) value than in the FF, says Ferrari, which does not provide it.

The design of the GTC4Lusso refines that of a “shooting brake” coupe by reinterpreting the concept with an extremely agile and conical shape that gives it its characteristic silhouette, highlights Ferrari.


The Double Cab architecture is another hallmark of the vehicle that has been designed to enhance the shared driving experience for both the driver and the passenger. The latter has its own screen with a wide range of functions.

The new Infotainment platform has a 10.25-inch HD capacitive touchscreen, while the steering wheel is more compact thanks to a smaller airbag and the integrated controls are more ergonomic.

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