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Ferrari Portofino: The GT that combines sportiness, elegance and comfort

Ferrari Portofino

The Ferrari Portofino is the new Gran Turismo V8 destined to dominate its segment thanks to a perfect combination of sportiness, elegance and comfort on board.

For such a versatile vehicle where its open-air driving stands out, an evocative name has been chosen, that of one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, known for its tourist port and each year converted into a synonym of elegance, sportiness, and discreet luxury. The color in which the new Ferrari is presented has also been dedicated to this wonderful city: Portofino red.

With its 600 hp and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3,5 seconds, the Ferrari Portofino is, in fact, the most powerful convertible to simultaneously offer the retractable hardtop, a spacious boot and a great habitability with two rear seats for use on short trips.

Completely new, the chassis of the Ferrari Portofino can boast a significant reduction in weight compared to the California T that precedes it. Thanks to the application of the most modern production technologies, all body and chassis components have been redesigned to be lighter and increase torsional rigidity.

The V8 turbo Ferrari, belonging to the family of engines that won the International Engine of the Year for two consecutive years (2016 and 2017), includes an increase in power of 40 hp compared to the California T. Such a result has been achieved with the introduction of new specific mechanical components and a special calibration of the engine management software translated into an even more unique engine sound, especially when driving on open roof.

Ferrari Portofino

In order to increase the efficiency of the 8-cylinder engine, the engineers have worked on various aspects. These include the adoption of new pistons and connecting rods, the renewal of the suction system design, revolutionizing the geometry of the entire exhaust duct line. And a new one-piece exhaust manifold that reduces pressure drop, a fundamental element when transmitting its characteristic rapid response to the Ferrari engine. All this, associated with Variable Boost Management that adjusts the torque according to the selected gear, allows the Ferrari Portofino to increase acceleration in all gears while optimizing its consumption.

The dynamics of the vehicle is completely new and benefits from various technological components. For the first time, the third generation electronic rear differential (E-Diff3) integrated with the F1-Trac has been adopted in this type of Ferrari, which improves both the mechanical grip and the control of the car to the limit. Thanks to the introduction of EPS (Electric Power Steering) for the first time in a Ferrari GT, it has been possible to reduce the steering ratio by 7% for a more direct response without losing stability thanks to its integration with the E-Diff3 . Magnetoreological suspensions (SCM-E) equipped with “dual-coil” technology reduce sway and, at the same time, improve absorption on uneven asphalt surfaces. All these improvements contribute to making the car more dynamic and reactive, while ensuring high driving comfort.

Designed at the Ferrari Design Center, the style of the Ferrari Portofino is characterized by its two-volume “fast-back” configuration, an unprecedented solution for a convertible coupe with a retractable hardtop, and which particularly enhances the silhouette, emphasizing its sporty stamp. without losing elegance and dynamism.

Ferrari Portofino

The collaborative work between Ferrari Design and the Aerodynamics department has made it possible to obtain extreme efficiency on all vehicle surfaces. Starting from the front, in the grille that hugs the ends, carefully sharpening its profile, there are new full-LED optical groups with a new, more horizontal design and an unprecedented air intake on the outside of the projector that channels it into the arch of wheel to discharge flow directly to the side, thus reducing drag while running.

The design of the rear of the car breathes sportiness, highlighting the position of the headlights at the end of the vehicle's body. This elegant solution conceals the rear volume that stores the completely new, lighter, retractable hardtop (RHT) and drivable while moving at low speed.

Ferrari Portofino

Special attention has been paid to on-board comfort, which is ensured thanks to new features such as the infotainment system with a 10,2 ″ touch screen, the new air conditioning that improves the climatic comfort of passengers both with the roof closed and open, the new steering wheel, the 18-way electrically adjustable seats, a new backrest design that allows for more legroom in the rear seats, and the new passenger display. While driving in the open air, the improvement in comfort offered by the new air deflector is easily noticeable, reducing the air flow inside the cabin by 30% and avoiding aerodynamic noise. The Ferrari Portofino will make its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next September.

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