The history of Ferry Porsche behind the wheel

At 11 his father Ferdinand gave him a car and at 16 he got his first license, earlier than German law.

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In 1925, at just 16 years old, Ferry Porsche He obtained a special permit in Stuttgart to be able to drive motor vehicles, despite the fact that in Germany the law required that he be 18 to be able to do so. Thanks to this document, Ferry was able to fulfill a long-awaited dream since his childhood.

The only son of the well-known car builder Ferdinand Porsche He grew up in the shadow of his father, but in a good way, since he knew how to take advantage of this situation to his advantage.

Ferry, born on September 19, 1909 in the Austrian city of Wiener Neustadt, as a child used to walk daily around the factory of Austro-Daimler, of which Ferdinand was then Technical Director. "My father took me with him everywhere", Ferry Porsche wrote in his autobiography.

Ferry Porsche
Ferry Porsche in 1936 at the wheel of the Volkswagen V2 prototype in Tübingen.

Without knowing it, This young man was becoming an apprentice talking to the engineers and understanding the debates he heard in the company office increasingly better. He did not even have to be taught to interpret the technical designs, as he learned to do so naturally during his visits to the plant.

Beyond the workplace, self-taught Ferry Porsche loved to drive and he took every opportunity to get around in a car. With scarcely 11 years. received the first property in the form of a Christmas present.

They called it "the goat car "Because parents had always told their insistent son to forget about having a car, as he would only get a goat with a trailer to ride.

However, the unique piece that Ferdinand Porsche, then Managing Director at Austro Daimler, had built for his son in 1920, has a four-stroke engine, with 3,5 horsepower and a two-speed gearbox.

The sapling not only learned to master it immediately, but even perfected it. He found a way to compensate for the absence of a differential, incorporated racing spark plugs and succeeded in optimizing the friction coefficient of the clutch. Like your sister Louise, five years older than him, Ferry participated during those years in children's car competitions.

In Austria you did not need a license or driving license for this. But upon moving to Stuttgart in 1923, Ferry realized that the German authorities did not foresee that a 13-year-old could drive a car.

However, he only had to wait until he was 16 to achieve the long-awaited freedom and get behind the wheel legally, thanks to the issuance of a special driving license.

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