The FIA ​​creates a new category of electric GT

They will feature several technological innovations, including fast charging.

La International Automobile Federation announced the creation of an entirely new technical regulation for electric drive GT cars, with several technical innovations, including the fast charge.

This pioneering concept embodies a unique combination of innovations never before seen in motorsport to date and is intended to serve manufacturers as a platform to develop relevant technology for your high-performance road cars.

FIA GT ElectricElectric vehicles built to this set of technical regulations will compete on circuits and set new standards in terms of performance and range.

This innovative generation of cars will run on a performance window similar to current generation GT3 carsBut it will outperform its combustion engine-powered counterparts in areas like acceleration and pace of qualifying.


The new class is based on a rulebook designed to strike the right balance to allow Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to express themselves in terms of creativity and state-of-the-art development, while at the same time contain costs.

FIA GT ElectricThe category will be open to both electric vehicle construction specialists with no prior motorsports experience and manufacturers already committed to the GT3 class, who will be able to use the architecture and certain design elements of their existing cars and convert them to electric power.

Depending on the base model, the minimum weight of the cars will vary from 1.490 to 1.530 kg, with a maximum power of 430 kW (576 horses). Setting the weight threshold higher than it is for the GT3 class will limit the use of expensive materials.


FIA GT ElectricThe new class will be the first in electric motorsport to not rely on standardized batteries. Through the association with the leading firm in the industry Gravy, a subsidiary of Total, the category will allow manufacturers to build their own battery designs based on the cells supplied by Saft.

They will allow a 700kW maximum regeneration and a fast recharge of 700kW that will allow them to replenish to 60% of their capacity in a few minutes during a pit stop mid-race.

The charging network will be developed to meet fast charging requirements and, depending on the location, will include permanent and temporary infrastructure elements.


FIA GT ElectricIn addition to fast charging, the category will feature various other innovations relevant from the point of view of technology transfer.

All manufacturers will have the freedom to choose your own powertrain configurations, composed of two or four electric motors, with two- and four-wheel drive configurations.

Cars too will have a dynamic control that will automatically adjust the torque of each wheel independently based on speed, acceleration, traction and steering angle, thus ensuring they have supreme handling characteristics.

The FIA ​​further announced that the promoter of a new world-class category built around the concept of electrically powered GT cars will be announced in due course.


  • Chassis: street car based
  • Minimum weight: 1.490-1.530 kilos
  • Power train: up to four electric motors
  • Traction: rear or total
  • Battery: Saft, lithium ion
  • Total battery capacity: 87 kilowatt hours
  • Maximum power: 430 kilowatt hours
  • Regeneration peak: 700 kilowatt hours
  • Quick charge: 700 kilowatt hours
  • Acceleration from zero to 100 km / h: 2,4 seconds
  • Estimated maximum speed: 300 km / h



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