The FIA ​​will randomly check Formula 1 cars for irregularities

The measure will be taken from the Bahrain Grand Prix, the first date of the 2021 World Cup.

From this year on, we will have to wait a few more hours to know the final result of the Great prizes from F1. Is that the International Automobile Federation decided to carry out random inspections at the end of the races to detect possible irregularities in the cars.

As explained in a note released during the Bahrain Grand Prix, the first appointment of the 2021 calendar, the vehicle will be "Disassembled in depth", compliance tests will be done and your software and systems will also be examined.

FIA"Additional checks may also be carried out on the competitor's other car", notes the document, which also establishes that these new checks could take more time than the current procedures take.

This new instance joins the routine checks the FIA ​​technical department does and the conclusions will be reported once the events are over.

The FIA ​​stressed that any irregularity that is discovered in the framework of this process must be reported by the technical delegate through a report. The commissioners have explained the steps to follow to these officials in order to safeguard the evidence, including to seize and seal the relevant parts and the information that is found.

These new checks are part of the policies that Formula 1 has decided to implement in the wake of the scandal over the alleged irregularities in the fuel flow system in the engines that Ferrari used in 2019.



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