The FIA's plan to avoid a new Pink Mercedes in Formula 1

The governing body released a series of measures to avoid reverse engineering.

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El Racing Point RP20 was one of the most watched vehicles during the first races of the 2020 season of the F1 for its similarities with him Mercedes W10 from last year. In fact, after a complaint by Renault if the International Automobile Federation conducted an investigation and confirmed that the vehicle in question had brake jacks replicas of last year's Silver Arrow.

Racing Point received a fine of 400.000 euros and the loss of 15 points in the Constructors' Cup. But to prevent this from happening again, the FIA ​​decided to take action on the matter.

Sergio Perez, Racing Point RP20In order to avoid being used reverse engineering To replicate the pieces created by other vehicles that must actually be designed by each team, the governing body prohibited the following:

  • The use of photographs or images combined with software that converts them into cloud points, curves, surfaces, or that allows CAD geometry to be superimposed on or extracted from the photograph or image.
  • The use of stereophotogrammetry, 3D cameras or any 3D stereoscopic technique.
  • Any form of contact or non-contact surface scanning.
  • Any technique that projects points or curves onto a surface to facilitate the reverse engineering process.
  • If there are occasions where there are strong similarities between the listed components on different cars, the FIA ​​has the right to investigate the matter and will ask the teams to prove that the design was done independently.

The FIA ​​clarifies that its role it will be "determining whether this resemblance is the result of reverse engineering or legitimate freelance work." However, he clarifies that he will not object that the teams may be "Influenced by a competitor's design or design concept". Although it states that it should, "Using information that should be potentially available to all competitors."

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