Ford, the car brand preferred by millennials

The millennial generation, also known as Generation Y, is made up of people born after the 1980s and makes up a crucial group of customers and consumers for businesses around the world.

Several studies show that, when evaluating a brand, millennials have as preferences the recommendations of their social circle, they attach great importance to the values ​​of the brands they consume are aligned with their own, innovation, trust that They are inspired by a brand, that companies put consumers first, their purposes, in terms of the social value it provides and the accessibility or utility for the consumer.

Generation Y poses a very different scenario in terms of brand-product-consumer relationship. The elements that determine their purchasing decisions are linked by their own condition and by what they expect from brands and how they relate to them.

In addition, Generation Y experienced the rise of technology, from cable television to the Internet, since they were born at the peak of connectivity and technological development, they are a demanding generation when it comes to making purchases.

Accustomed to googling absolutely everything and receiving information from multiple platforms at the same time, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin etc. and much of their social life takes place on numerous screens, such as the smartphone, the iPad etc.

The Moosylvania agency conducted a study that was published in Business Insider, in which it evaluated which are the Top 100 brands most loved by millennials. He asked more than 1.500 millennials in the 16-36 age range to select their favorite brands.

Ford ranked # 15, being the first automotive manufacturer preferred by millennials, improving its position compared to 2016, where it ranked number 19. Apple was positioned as the number one brand and then successively the following companies: Target, Nike, Sony , Samsung, Cosa-Cola- Wal-Mart, Amazon, Microsoft, Victoriás Secret, Google, Starbucks, Expres, Pepsi, among others.


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