The Jeddah Circuit in your sights: fascinating, but dangerous ...

Although the Maxima drivers consider the setting for the first Saudi Arabian Grand Prix to be nice to drive, they also highlight its dangerousness.

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After the first day of activity of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix of F1, the Maxima pilots were able to give their opinion on the street map of Jeddah, a circuit of 6.174 meters which is enclosed within walls and is extremely fast, despite having 27 curves. They admit that his speed makes him attractive, but also dangerous.

All 250 km / h on average to whom the English reached Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) to dominate the two practice sessions on Friday leave the Saudi track as the second fastest on the calendar behind Monza (Italy), where an average of 260 km / h.

Photo: Sam Bloxham / LAT Images.

The sequence of fast crows does not forgive excesses. Thus it was exposed with the accident of the Monegasque Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) in the second batch on Friday. He overstepped the internal piano at Turn 22, lost control of his car, and it ended up slammed against the wall.

“It is a fast circuit, incredibly fast and with a lot of grip as well. But it is very prety. Once you get down to the beat it's a beautiful track ”, said Hamilton, who also expressed concern about the traffic that is generated when other cars lift to cool the tires. "It goes so fast that when you reach them you are a bit in a danger zone", alerted.

Photo: Scuderia Ferrari Press Office.

Something similar said the Spanish Carlos Sainz (Ferrari). “Blind corners are a problem when you are on a fast lap and another car is on a cool down lap because the difference in speeds is huge. We have to be super focused even when we are not attacking. This track that gives very little room for error ", Dijo.

"It is a very dangerous track"affirmed the French Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri). “It is very, very fast and it is very complicated because there are a lot of high-speed corners. You feel a lot of adrenaline in the car, but it's quite pleasant to drive. "he admitted.

Photo: Sam Bloxham / LAT Images.

Referring to the traffic on the runway he explained: "It becomes very dangerous because there are quite large speed differences and that causes you to get a few scares."

While the british Lando Norris (McLaren) was more descriptive: “It is a very difficult circuit, especially the first sector: if you blink at the wrong moment, you go against the wall. It's hard to concentrate so much and for so long at the speed we're going, but it's fun. "

Photo: LAT Images.

The Jeddah Circuit was built by Tilke Engineers & Architects, a company that has been in charge of building and remodeling several tracks on the F.1 calendar The project was in charge of Carsten tilke, son of the famous architect Herman Tilke.

To locate the route, a tourist area known as Corniche using a boulevard and a huge parking lot. This allowed for fast corner combinations, something that is not possible on other urban tracks where it is normal to have 90 degree angles to use streets as part of the design.


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