Formula 1 tuning will also reach drivers

A working group was created to discuss the salary paid to runners.

It seems that the millionaire salaries received by some of the main pilots of the F1 they will be part of the past in no time. It is that the category announced the creation of a working group to discuss the possibility of implement a salary cap in driver contracts. This measure would also be extended to executive managers of the Máxima teams.

Charles Leclerc
Photo: Ferrari Press

The F.1 has already introduced this year a spending limit in the total amount that each team can invest annually. It is set at 145 million, but not satisfied with that, they want to apply this same system to individual contracts.

In a joint communiqué, F.1 and the International Automobile Federation stated that in their last meeting "Several topics were presented on cost control and how this general objective can be achieved in the coming years."

Both clarified that, "As part of this, a working group will be created for the contracts of the pilots and the team executives". In this group, obviously, the runners will participate ...

This idea was already discussed in mid-2020 and at that time it was speculated that each team could have a limit of 30 million to distribute between your two pilots in the way you prefer.



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  1. Yes, that is what they stipulate, but it will happen as it happens with the doctors "who should not charge a bonus" (because the hospital is public, because the social work already covers said intervention, etc.), however it is followed and is will continue to do ...
    What I mean by this?
    That if you want to be treated by a good surgeon, you must abide by his rules, and "play his game." The same will happen with good pilots, who are champions, who show a lot of talent (the "official" arrangement may be within the regulations, but it will surely arrange "tips", "plus", "prizes", etc. to reach collect what was informally agreed), and if the team does not accept it, there will be more teams waiting for it ...

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