Formula 1 divided by its future

Standardization of parts, budget limits, the distribution of profits and Ferrari privileges are the main topics of debate.

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In full dispute the 2019 season of the F1 the teams, the company Liberty Media, who are in charge of organizing the tournament; and even his own International Automobile Federation have a great concern: the new technical and financial regulation that will govern the specialty from 2021, once the current one ends Pact of Concord.

The objective is that the most relevant aspects of this new agreement, the first to be negotiated since the departure of Bernie Ecclestone of F.1, are defined during June for an adoption at the end of the year.

Formula 1 divided by its futureAlthough as he said Christian horner, pattern Red Bull, "What comes out in June will change in September, perhaps in October, probably in November (...) and it is only when we see what is being proposed that we will truly begin to speak."

There are already several issues that are divisive. The standardization of certain parts of vehicles to reduce costs is something that divides the teams. Some claim that this would be against the DNA of the category, while others point out that such a measure would significantly reduce the cost of building vehicles.

For now, the FIA ​​has already warned that it was renouncing from now on this possibility for the gearboxes. But it could still be the case for suspension elements, braking systems and engine cooling ...

Formula 1 divided by its futureAnother topic that animates the discussions is the spending limitation. All are favorable in principle, but the wealthiest fear that this will force them to fire employees. "If with 300 million of annual budget we cannot be in the party, there are questions to be asked ...", he reflected Cyril Abiteboul, pattern Renault.

The distribution of income is also on the table, which favors large teams such as Ferrari, Mercedes and, to a lesser extent, Red Bull To the detriment of the little ones it is a hot topic.

In 2018, out of a total of about 825 million euros, Ferrari received 20,5%, Mercedes 18% and Red Bull 15,5%, but Sauber (now Alfa Romeo), the least favored, received slightly less 5%.

Until now, each team receives money according to the performance of the previous year and this goes against the system proposed by Liberty Media, which would be more equitable and would harm Ferrari, which currently also receives a premium for being the oldest team on the grid.

In this scenario, the issue of the "veto" that the Italian team has had since the 1980s with respect to any decision involving the current structure of the F.1 also comes into play. This benefit was granted to him for being the only team that participates in the Maxima since its creation in 1950.

For, Mattia binotto, responsible for the Scuderia, this privilege should be maintained as "The veto protects F.1 against any decision that threatens its existence."

However, not everyone agrees with that position. Abiteboul recognized the specific importance of Ferrari, but assured that "This should be reflected more in the commercial section of the agreement than in the government part."

While for Claire Williams, who captains the structure created by his father Frank, the current governance structure is "Too democratic" and wishes the FIA ​​and the promoters "Regain ownership of the regulation". In your opinion "No team should have a veto right."

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