Françoise Hardy, the icon of the film Grand Prix who asks to die

The French singer is 77 years old and suffers from a serious illness that forced her to make an important decision.

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The film Grand Prix, released in 1966, allowed motorsport to reach a large public and not just those fans of speed. From that film directed by John frankenheimer and starring James Garner many things are remembered, despite the years that have passed. Such as the impressive action shots; the soundtrack of Maurice Jarre, which in Argentina was the curtain of Carburating; and even the beautiful Françoise Hardy...

Hardy plays Lisa, the Italian pilot's girlfriend Nino Barlini (Antonio Sábato), a young promise of the F1. This French woman, who was 22 years old at the time, was a true celebrity in her country thanks to music.

Francoise hardySince he was 17 he was a record label artist (Vogue and at the time of the filming of GP I already had four albums released full of yé-yé songs, as the musical style that young people from France, Spain, Italy and much of Latin America listened to was known. Despite the recognition that Françoise enjoyed, her role in Frankenheimer's work allowed her to become known in several other countries.

In addition to standing out for her beautiful voice, Hardy also stood out for his naive style. That simplicity, which made her a fashion icon of those years, was the same that she transmitted to the character of Lisa.

After the Gran Prix experience, the gala continued with her career as a singer-songwriter (she recorded a total of 28 albums) and was even the inspiring muse of several contemporary artists such as Bob Dylan, Jacques Prévert y Guy peellaert, besides being the “ideal woman" guidance on Mick Jagger and"Essence of the French style" for the designerNicolas Ghesquière,

Francoise hardyEven today his photos in the middle of the pit lane or above a F.1 from the '60s are still used as a symbol of an era, not to mention all the pages of tumblr and accounts of Instagram that pay tribute to him. But behind those blue eyes and that serene smile that contrasts with the vertigo that Grand Prix proposes there is a sad story that few know.

Françoise Hardy, who is currently 77, has requested a few weeks ago to be allowed euthanasia for not being able to bear the consequences of the cancer that he has suffered for three years and that causes him respiratory problems, suffocation crisis and hemorrhages.

Moreover, radiation therapy treatment has greatly reduced the use of your voice, by canceling the functioning of the salivary glands, and has left her deaf. "I am not afraid of dying, but I am very afraid of suffering"said in a recent interview with Femme Actuelle

Francoise hardyIn the article, she also acknowledged that her mother, who suffered from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, received euthanasia with the collaboration of herself and a doctor when she could no longer bear the consequences of her disease.

"My suffering has already been so terrible that I fear that death will force me to suffer even more", reflected the singer who today asks in honor of her life to have a dignified death.


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