GFG Style Vision 2030: With a vision of the future

This concept car reflects the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's project to reduce dependence on oil in the next decade and diversify the economy.

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A few years ago the designers Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro received an order from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: create a model inspired by the project Vision 2030, which aims to reduce dependence on oil in the next decade and diversify the economy.

GFG Style accepted the challenge and created the GFG Style Vision 2030, which they define as a Two-seater, four-wheel-drive electric hyper SUV that is capable of facing any type of terrain.

GFG Style Vision 2030"Saudi Arabia asked us to design a model that was perfectly suited to its region, consisting of completely new and decidedly wide roads, but also dune deserts and uneven terrain."Fabrizio Giugiaro explained. For these reasons, this car was conceived so that it can travel in a high-performance electric mode both on highways and in the desert dunes.

An essential point of its design were the wheels and suspension. As Giugiaro explains: “These two elements dictated the initial shapes of 2030. They evolved and differentiated from the Kangaroo, our concept car that we introduced in 2019. Despite having decidedly large wheels with 22-inch wheels we have managed to maintain an aerodynamic and sporty silhouette with a bodywork in the one that used carbon fiber and aluminum ”.

The silhouette of the 2030, therefore, reflects the importance of the suspension system. While the unique shape of the fenders defines the car and brings important aerodynamic advantages, the special electronically controlled suspension system allows you to adjust according to the terrain you travel.

GFG Style Vision 2030This Hyper SUV also impresses with its large glazed surface with a windshield that has a mirror effect achieved with a special treatment.

A fundamental reference to Saudi Arabia is the choice of body colors: mostly green like the Arab state flag.

The Vision 2030 is a car capable of allowing long trips with high levels of comfort on board. In fact, great care has been taken for the interior of the cabin, made with high-quality innovative materials. Leather seats can be heated or cooled. The interior is mostly lined with Kult, a stretch fabric made by the PT company and used to create technical clothing. The upper part of the dash is upholstered in leather worked with a carbon fiber effect.

GFG Style Vision 2030Passenger access, meanwhile, is facilitated by the butterfly raising of the roof in line with the opening of the doors that are traditionally opened. In addition, 2030 can be transformed into a Targa-style open coupe simply by removing the two roof sections that can be stored in the trunk.

Another essential feature is its technological component highlighted by the presence of multiple screens. The instrumentation is flanked by two smaller ones that show images of the three external digital mirrors, another located in the center of the dashboard controls the infotainment and an additional one behind the gear lever allows to manage the suspension system.

According to its creators, the benefits of the Vision 2030 are at the level of the Arab project. It reaches a maximum speed of 250 km/h and goes from 0 to 100 km/h 3,5 seconds. Its autonomy, following the estimates offered by the brand, is close to the 365 kilometers.

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