The National Government seeks to promote the green car market

With the aim of creating a green car market and favoring local production with incentives for assembly in Argentina, the National Government reduced tariffs for the importation of finished cars and eliminated them when they arrive unarmed.

In the case of finished hybrid vehicles, the tariff will go from 35% to 5%, while for electric vehicles and fuel cells (hydrogen) it will go to 2% .In a second stage, it will establish mechanisms to encourage local integration of this type of cars that require lower fuel consumption and use clean and renewable energy.

The decree establishes that the modification of tariffs will be temporary for a period of 36 months and for a quota of 6.000 electric cars.

The elimination of tariffs is for the modality known as SemiKnocked Down (SKD) or Complete Knocked Down (CKD), to promote the development of the local industry in the production of platforms. The measure is limited only to those automotive terminals that today produce in the country.

Today more than 70.000 people work directly in the automotive industry and another 150.000 indirectly, in 11 terminals, and there are more than 500 auto parts. The sector announced investments of approximately US $ 3.500 billion between auto parts and automotive terminals in the last 15 months.

The decree on cars with new engines is a continuity of the government's dialogue with the sector that began in 2016 and which, in addition to the automotive agreement to manufacture one million cars in five years, includes measures such as the opening of the Colombian market for the industry. Argentine automotive industry, the auto parts law, the elimination of withholdings on industrial exports and a five-year agreement with Brazil for imports and exports that gives the industry predictability.


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