Goodyear continues to be at the forefront of innovations to respond to the mobility of the future

The utilization tire company uses various novel materials for its products such as silica from rice husk ash.

Goodyear, one of the world's longest-running and most historic tire manufacturers, recognizes the turning point in transport and mobility. And although today it is difficult to predict what they will be like in the future, the company believes in an ecosystem driven by new technologies, with experiences of sustainable and safe mobility and innovations that transform the way we connect and move.

For this reason, and to be at the forefront of the main challenges ahead, he spends time in research and development to create new technologies, innovative materials and compounds, as well as concept tires. In the last four years, the brand presented different models such as:


  • The Revolutionary goodyear rechargeable tire, made with biological material and reinforced with fibers inspired by one of the strongest materials in the world, which has the ability to self-regenerate, adapt and change according to mobility needs (2020).
  • The tire Goodyear aero, is a model for the flying cars of the future. When applied to the vehicle, the tires also function as propellers to achieve propulsion and allow flight (2019).
  • The tire of Goodyear Oxygene proposes a visionary solution with a structure containing live mosses that grow within the sidewall of the tire for cleaner, more convenient, safer and more sustainable urban mobility. Its use would generate practically 3,000 tons of oxygen and absorb more than 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year (2018).
  • El Goodyear Eagle 360 ​​Urban is the first tire concept to be activated by artificial intelligence capable of responding to the demands of autonomous driving (2017).


In order to find alternative material sources that have a positive impact on tire performance and in turn take advantage of waste that is commonly discarded, Goodyear began to exploit the use of silica RHA.

The addition of silica improves the flexibility and elasticity of the tread at lower temperatures, providing better traction and grip. For this reason, this compound was officially included in Goodyear's portfolio of materials and is used in several of its manufacturing plants globally.

The company continues to work closely with its suppliers to further expand the use of RHA silica and has set a goal of doubling its use by 2021.




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