This was the last Grand Prix of Road Tourism

It was raced in 1986 in La Pampa and Pedro Doumic won with a record average of more than 244 km / h.

Between December 4 and 7, 1986 the Road Tourism closed his season with him Octavio Justo Suárez Grand Prize. The competition, organized by the Winifreda Sports Club of La Pampa, was held over 1.498,4 kilometers. The race went down in history for two reasons: it was the last GP contested by the popular category and, in addition, a record was set that has been held ever since.

The 89 cars they started by championship ranking. The first stage was run in a square formed by routes 14, 1, 18 and 35. There were three laps that totaled 556,4 km. The winner of the day was Johnny debenedictis (Dodge), who had an arduous speed duel with Emilio Satriano (Chevrolet). Thanks to the suction they both reached a speed close to 275 km/h...

Pedro Doumic
Pedro Doumic with his bodyguards, José Luis Paolucci and Pato Morresi.

Already at this stage the first dropouts occurred. First it was Satriano himself due to an engine failure. Something similar happened to Roberto Mouras (Chevrolet), outgoing champion. Also defected Oscar Aventin (Ford) when a tire burst. “I have never been so scared. I don't know how I could have had it. You have to rethink the issue of speed a lot ”, the Puma counted. Jose Maria Romero he had an impressive roll over in his Dodge and ended up in a field with his car on fire. While that Jorge Oyhanart (Ford) defected because of a cracked crankcase.

The second stage joined Santa Rosa (the racetrack was part of the closed park) with General Pico, passing through Bernasconi, Guatrache, Macachín, Catriló and Quemú Quemú. It was in this partial, of 441 km, where DeBenedictis's illusions remained when his engine gave up. Thus ended his dreams of champion.

Osvaldo Morresi (Chevrolet) inherited the tip, but it was short-lived. His car's engine started to fail because a bird got into the dynamic intake and ended up in the carburetor. At the end of that day, the partial victory corresponded to Juan Carlos Nesprías (Dodge).

Pedro Doumic
After this race, Oscar Angeletti achieved his title.

The third and last stage (501 km) was held on a paved rectangle, this time around General Pico. Oscar Angeletti (Dodge), who was fighting the title with Oscar Castellano (Dodge), took the lead. But when he went through a level crossing, his car broke the front end and the crankcase. It was abandonment for the Pupi.

Castellano took the vanguard, but his aspirations soon ran out when the engine melted. With this panorama, the title remained for Angeletti.

While Roberto Urretavizcaya (Chevrolet) was left with the last set, the victory of the race was left for a covered: Pedro Doumic, who took full advantage of the benefits of the Dodge with engines of Johnny laboritto. The podium completed by José Luis Paolucci (Dodge) and Morresi, who re-enlisted after the incident with the bird and recovered positions in the classifier.

After five seasons in the popular category, where he had won partials, but never a final; Doumic retaliated in a big way by winning the last Grand Prix and setting the fastest average speed in TC history: 248,777 km/h.


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