Hyundai Prophecy: The steering wheel is a thing of the past

This electric concept of the Korean brand is controlled by two joysticks.

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Hyundai Motor has revealed more details about his Concept EV Prophecy, which was presented digitally in March. More than a pure concept, its name is due to the fact that this vehicle is an advance of ideas and characteristics that the brand will develop in the future.

The Prophecy takes inspiration from vintage cars from the '20s and' 30s with a smooth coupe-like design. Sharp curves and smooth lines set it apart from the angular concept 45, another Hyundai concept car that debuted at the IAA in 2019.

Hyundai prophecyHowever, like the 45, it inherits the pixelated lighting design language. Its dynamic shape and rear spoiler give it a sporty look and the propeller-shaped wheels reduce air resistance. This look is based on Hyundai's design identity: Sensuous Sportiness.

Inside, the car conveys relaxation through dark colors and natural materials reminiscent of nature. Designed to create a completely new feeling in the car.


One of the most unique features of the Prophecy is the steering gear. Instead of a steering wheel mounted high on the dash in front of the driver, it is controlled with two joysticks located to the left and right of the driver: one on the center console and the other on the door panel.

Hyundai prophecyIn combination with the spacious interior, this not only allows a more comfortable seat position when driving, but also frees up space for other features. Also 90% of vehicle functions can be controlled via joystick buttons. This ergonomic configuration is known as Intuitive Human Interface, with the aim of increasing passenger safety as well as visual freedom.


Installing these controls is not the only thing that has made the seating position more ergonomic since the Smart Posture Care System (SPCS) allows drivers to enjoy a optimized seat position based on your individual physical characteristics.

The driver can manually adjust the seat according to their preferences or allow the car to suggest a “smart” seating position based on their height, seat height and weight. The SPCS controls the seat, steering wheel, mirror and Head-Up Display and is based on medically verified information.


El infotainment system is integrated into a large screen that extends across the entire front of the vehicle's interior. When not driving, the car can be used as an entertainment space by switching to "relax mode", in which, the seats recline and the dashboard swivels up, creating the optimal seating position from which you can enjoy the content displayed on the screen.

Hyundai prophecyWith no steering wheel, occupants have virtually no visual obstruction: they only see the horizontal pillar-to-pillar screen and the wing-shaped dashboard. As autonomous driving technology advances, the use of vehicles as relaxation spaces will increase.

The Prophecy is not only a zero-emission electric vehicle, it also cleans the air. This is thanks to a unique air filtration system with a fine dust sensor built into the vehicle. When particle levels inside the vehicle are too high, the air system kicks in, drawing in fresh air from outside, filtering it to purify it, and circulating clean air throughout the vehicle.


Hyundai prophecyAfter '45, the Prophecy is Hyundai's second vehicle to be built using the Electric Global Modular Platform o E-GMP (Hyundai's first exclusive EV platform). Electric motors are much more compact than their internal combustion counterparts, which means there is no need for a wide front hood or bulky center console. This allows car designers to reclaim space for passenger use and redesign various in-car experiences.

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