Hyundai Tucson 2021: The Revolution Is Coming

It is the first SUV in the C-segment to be available in short- and long-wheelbase versions, depending on the region.

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Hyundai revealed the first images of his new Tucson, which will arrive in Argentina in the second half of 2021. This C segment SUV will be available in short and long wheelbase versions, depending on the region, to meet the diverse needs of the market.

The advanced exterior styling of the new Tucson expresses what Hyundai's designers call Dynamic Parametric with jewel-like kinetic surface details that will make people notice. The parametric hidden lights they provide a strong first impression. These unique Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) are seamlessly integrated into the jewel grille and are only revealed when turned on.

Hyundai Tucson 2021En general, the body of the new Tucson is bigger and wider than previous-generation models, and it offers a long hood and short overhangs on a long wheelbase that gives it a sleek coupe character.

From the side, the angled body panels offer another interpretation of the parametric design. The chiseled surfaces create a striking contrast between the sleek silhouette and the masculine wedge, suggesting forward movement even when stationary. The taut athletic shapes blend seamlessly into the angular wheel arches where the alloy wheels provide a powerful and dynamic stance.

Hyundai Tucson 2021Design identity Sensuous Sportiness Hyundai, first introduced in the new Elantra, brings an emotional punch to Tucson's cutting edge Parametric Dynamics design theme.

“The mission of the Sensuous Sportiness concept is to elevate the emotional qualities of automotive design. We want our clients to be touched. With the new Tucson, we present its evolution and a definitive statement on Hyundai's unstoppable forward momentum. " said SangYup Lee, Senior Vice President and Director of Hyundai's Global Design Center.

"Tucson's advanced and experimental design is true to its pioneering spirit and enhances the game in the most competitive segment of the industry." added the executive during the launch of the fourth generation of the Tucson.

The evolution of the interior design of the new SUV led to a lower instrument display and the removal of the gauge cluster housing for a neat surface. Layered sensual shapes reinforce the feeling of openness. The wide dash ridge blends seamlessly with the doors, enveloping the front occupants like a deep gorge.

Connectivity will be increasing, and in this sense, the Tucson 2021 will have leading equipment in its category. From the digital key, or the possibility of linking more than one cell phone with the vehicle, to a multi-control center that allows different operations such as starting and heating the seats remotely, or controlling the air conditioning, which works as in airplanes (without the impact of the air current with the passengers but by distributing the air throughout the cabin).

Hyundai Tucson 2021The new Tucson 2021 will offer up to 12 different engine options, including six gasoline, four diesel, a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. In addition, there will be dual-clutch gearboxes (7-speed) and automatic with torque converters (8-speed). Regarding the hybrid versions, they will combine electric propulsion with turbocharged engines to gain efficiency without losing performance. Hyundai calls this concept Dynamic Hybrid.

Regarding the arrival of the new Tucson,  Ernesto Cavicchioli, CEO of Hyundai Motor Argentina, stated: “Tucson is synonymous with SUV and is a true emblem of the brand in our country for technology, reliability and design. We are already working to have this new generation as soon as possible, but despite our anxiety, the model will begin to be produced for our region from 2021. We hope to have it during the second half of next year ”.

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