The Termas de Río Hondo racetrack caught fire

The flames began in the pits and swept everything in their path. Several motorcycles and cars were evacuated from the museum. What happened casts doubt on the MotoGP visit.

El International Circuit of the Termas de Río Hondo, scene of Argentine Grand Prix de MotoGP, was devastated by a voracious fire that began after 22 on Saturday.

As reported by the newspaper The Liberal, the fire started in the pits and spread throughout the facilities until it reached the museum. "80% of the building part of the racetrack was lost, it was consumed by fire ... It's a disaster "said one of the firefighters who arrived at the scene to mitigate the flames.

Termas de Río Hondo autodrome fireAlthough those responsible for the Santiago route preferred to remain cautious about the cause of the fire, it transpired that it started on the pit terrace while welding was being carried out. Due to the height of the building, the fire engines were unable to smother the flames, which spread rapidly with the help of the wind.

The Volunteer Firefighters of Termas de Río Hondo were joined by endowments that came from the capital of the province and from La Banda.

"The boxes and the three floors that include a part of the VIP area and the press sector were consumed by fire, which melts everything in its path", assured a person from the operation that he calculated in "millionaires”The losses caused by the accident.

The main concern was to prevent the fire from reaching the museum, from which several of the motorcycles and cars that were on display were evacuated. “We are working to save the museum, the rest burned everything. They make you want to cry from helplessness "said one of the firefighters working at the site.

Although the circuit has insurance against these types of claims, what happened jeopardizes the realization of the Argentine GP. Originally scheduled for April, the date of the Motorcycle World Championship was postponed to November due to the coronavirus pandemic. In other words, work should be done in record time so that it is operational again.



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