When will the races return to Argentina? El Flaco Traverso has a clue ...

In a chat on Instagram Live with Diego Durruty, the multiple Argentine champion and president of the Argentine Association of Flyers analyzed the present of the activity.

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El Argentine motorsport is immersed in a deep crisis due to the quarantine imposed by the national government to face the coronavirus. Although testing with strict protocols is already enabled in some provinces, many wonder when the tracks will be available for races. Juan Maria Traverso, multiple Argentine champion and president of the Argentine Flyers Association, it seems to have a clue ...

"It is likely that some activity will begin in the month of August ..."he told Diego durruty, director of Automundo.com.ar, during a Instagram Live. "I am speaking based on the opinion of the government about how this program is coming.", clarified El Flaco, who emphasized that the changing situation to face COVID-19 could stretch the return "for September".

Since the quarantine was installed in the lives of Argentines, Traverso became a great star of the Instagram Live. The 16-time champion got tired of doing live broadcasts to talk about his sporting campaign and, of course, current motor sport. Nevertheless, in the last weeks he swapped the IG live for TV since his testimony was required to make the problem of the activity visible.

Juan Maria Traverso“Motorsports is a gigantic world… It is not just Road Tourism and the TC2000. In the AAV we have 340 registered categories… If you put only two mechanics in each car, you have a lot of families involved. I clarify this because people who are not involved in motoring assume that it is that fun sport that they see on TV…. He closes his business because he can't open it and he hears about motorsport and whores. But that is not the motorsport of Argentina. There are 340 categories, 30.000 pilots and thousands of families who were left without work, that is, they are just like them ”, he claimed.

Traverso also explained why he decided to make the situation visible: “I did this because AVV is motorsport, it's not just TC or Turismo… It's everything. If the TC speaks, it speaks according to its drawbacks and the same goes for the TC2000. That confuses people in the face of the problem we are experiencing. I speak for motorsport because Volantes is the medical coverage of the drivers. They do not go to the health system - they pay for their own pineapples - with which I have registered all the pilots and all the categories and can give a report. That is why what I say does not coincide with what the TC, National Tourism, TC2000 say ... "

In addition, the former pilot predicted that the return to activity will be difficult for the national categories "because they move all over the country ”, something that does not happen with some zones whose activity is restricted to the provinces.

In the talk he also reviewed some aspects of his sports campaign, his family and even advanced why on December 28 he will not celebrate his 70th birthday ...




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