Home driving instructor: Everything you need to know

The superprof.com.ar platform allows you to find a suitable service for your needs.

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Do you want to learn to drive, but don't want to attend a driving academy? Do not despair. You can use the services of a driving instructor at home in any city in Argentina through the platform superprof.com.ar, a community of people who share their knowledge and passions in more than 25 countries in 14 languages.

The process to choose your driving instructor is very simple. Once inside the platform you have to put your location and the system itself will be in charge of finding you the instructors available in the area. You can also locate them through other criteria such as cost or level, which can be beginner, intermediate and advanced.

driving instructorOnce you find the right instructor for your needs and budget, you can enter his profile to find out more about him and even know the rating and opinions of other users and, of course, more details about his service, which may include theoretical classes and practices.

Exequiel, for example, is a professional driver who "Offers driving classes according to the needs of the student". This psychology and programming student, who teaches the course in the area of great Mendoza "and surroundings", has teaching materials for the theory "And a progressive development for the practical part."

He also clarifies that his classes, "They are aimed at students of all levels, whether they need classes for the first time, with or without a vehicle, or for a professional license".


If you are going to drive a private or professional vehicle, you must have your National Driver's License, which allows you to drive different vehicles on all the streets and roads of the Argentine territory and in the countries that are subscribed to the 1949 Geneva Convention.

driving instructorTo process the permit you must be of the corresponding age for the type of license you are requesting. Keep in mind that there is different classes according to the characteristics of each vehicle. The A class It is for motorcycles, the class B is for cars, the class C for trucks or casarodantes, the class D for passenger transport and class E for trucks with trailers.

In the case of being under 18 years, you have to be authorized by your legal representative (father, mother or guardian). The turn is taken in the municipality that corresponds to your address and right there you can check what the value of the procedure is.

Must be present original ID and copy. In addition, it is necessary to know how to read and in case of obtaining a professional license (class C, D and E) also know how to write. For class D, in addition, it is necessary to have criminal record.

You have to attend a theoretical and practical course in person or online (depends on each district) and approve four exams: psychophysical, knowledge about citizen ethics, driving, signaling and legislation and the practices of fault detection and conductive suitability.

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