Winter and coronavirus: How to keep the car ventilated?

Tips to reduce the chances of contagion of COVID-19 inside vehicles.

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Vehicles are small, sealed spaces that make the recommended distance in this world with coronavirus is impossible to fulfill. It is estimated that in a vehicle without ventilation where several people share the same trip, in just 15 minutes 8% of the air was breathed on some occasion, which increases the risk of infection, even if the mask is worn.

The fully rolled up windows increase the possibility of infection due to the concentration of CO₂ particles that remain for hours in a closed space without ventilation.

Coronavirus AutoLa World Health Organization advises to carry out adequate ventilation to avoid contagion by coronavirus, for this it is necessary to maintain the windows open. Although winter is very cold in many regions of the country, it is important to take the necessary precautions against the spread of the virus, keeping the windows down. It does not have to be completely, it is enough that they are open 5 centimeters. This allows air to be renewed up to nine times per minute with cross ventilation and reduce the chances of contagion.

As a reference, it is worth saying that if two people travel in a vehicle without ventilation in 10 minutes of travel, 8% of the air that is breathed has already been breathed, and if one of the people was infected, the risk of contagion is 30% in 30 minutes, rising to 71% in an hour of sharing a trip in that environment.

Coronavirus Auto“It is necessary for people to become aware of the importance of keeping the vehicle ventilated and disinfected to reduce the chances of contagion when carpooling. It is a way of taking care of ourselves and others ”, comment Franco Taraborrelli, General Manager of Ituran Argentina.

In addition, contagions also occur through micro particles that are suspended in the air, which then settle on the surfaces of the vehicle. Therefore, it is essential that once the vehicle is used, it is disinfected, reviewing the parts that are most used, such as the gear lever, the steering wheel or the door handles. And, to perform this task, it is advisable to wear latex gloves and a mask.

In addition, it is always necessary to keep the mask on, as well as to keep the greatest social distance that you can have. In order to prevent contagion, take into account the following tips:

  • First it is advisable to carry out a thorough cleaning of the vehicle. The cabin must be vacuumed as best as possible, in order to remove dirt, sand, hair, dust or dirt that may be inside.
  • Disinfect the steering wheel, gear lever and door opening handles, as they are the parts of the vehicle that constantly have contact with the driver and / or passengers. It is recommended to first pass a flannel on a daily basis. Then clean it with disinfectant.
  • Clean your hands with alcohol gel.
  • Avoid using the air conditioner and keep the vehicle filter clean. This device, also known as an anti-pollen filter, is responsible for trapping dust and impurities from the air coming from outside and preventing them from entering the interior of the vehicle.
  • When exiting the vehicle, re-sanitize your hands, either with alcohol gel or soap and water.
  • It is important to clean the air conditioning, as well as all the circuits that compose it, since they are a potential source of contagion by harboring bacteria and fungi along the route of its pipes and ducts, and can be a critical point for health of passengers and the driver in the context of a pandemic.

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