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Jaguar E-Type Zero: The most beautiful car in the world is now electric

Jaguar E-Type Zero

Jaguar Land Rover Classic unveiled an electric Jaguar E-Type at the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest in London. The vehicle, dubbed the Concept Zero, has been restored and modified at the Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works center in Coventry, not far from where the E-Type was created.

“The Concept Zero mixes the famous dynamic experience of the E-Type with performance enhanced by electrification. This unique combination creates an impressive driving sensation, ”said Tim Hannig, Director of Jaguar Land Rover Classic.

“The aim of the Concept Zero is to show that it will continue to be possible to drive classics in the future. We are looking forward to seeing the reaction of our customers as we continue to investigate ways to bring this prototype to market, ”he added.

Looking identical to the original, the Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero not only offers the same maneuverability as an E-Type, but also delivers exceptional performance. It is faster than the original model, going from 0 to 100 km / h in just 5,5 seconds, almost a second less than the E-Type Series 1.

The specifications are completely faithful to the original model, with the exception of the cutting-edge 1st century engine and changes to the instrument panel and dashboard, although the design of these elements is also inspired by the original E-Type. In addition, LED headlights have been used to achieve greater energy efficiency. In this case, they also follow the style of the original Series XNUMX E-Type.

Jaguar E-Type Zero

The electric motor delivers 220 kW and has been specially designed for the E-Type Concept Zero. Its lithium-ion battery has the same dimensions and a similar weight to the six-cylinder XK engine that incorporated the original E-Type. The experts responsible for developing the electric motor made sure that it fit exactly the same place as the XK motor. The electric motor (and reduction gear) is just behind the battery, in the same place as the E-Type gearbox. A new propeller shaft sends power to a transmission differential and the final drive. This model weighs 46 kilos less than the original E-Type.

By using an electric motor with a similar weight and dimensions to the previous gasoline engine and transmission, it does not change the structure of the vehicle, including brakes and suspension, thus simplifying modification and homologation. The experience, handling, handling and braking are identical to the original E-Type. Front and rear weight distribution is identical.

Manufactured between 1949 and 1992, the six-cylinder XK engine was present in almost all the flagship models of that period, such as the E-Type, the XK120, the Mk2 and the XJ6. The new electric motor could be used in any of these models.

Jaguar E-Type Zero

Since its launch in 1961, the E-Type has been voted the most beautiful vehicle of all time on multiple occasions. Even Enzo Ferrari defined it as “the most beautiful vehicle in history”.

The exclusive electric motor of the Concept Zero has been developed thanks to the work of a specialist in this type of motors in collaboration with the engineers of Jaguar Land Rover according to the specific instructions of Jaguar Land Rover Classic. Some of its components and technology are borrowed from the upcoming I-PACE model, Jaguar Land Rover's first all-electric vehicle in series production.

The E-Type Concept Zero has a real range of 270 km thanks to its low weight and good aerodynamics. It uses a 40 kWh battery, which can be recharged at home overnight (typically takes six to seven hours to recharge, depending on the power source).

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