Joan Mir with only one goal: Extend his reign in MotoGP

Unmissable hand in hand with the Suzuki official team rider in the preview of this weekend's Qatar Grand Prix.

The Spanish Joan Mir, from the official team Suzuki de MotoGP, begins in 2021 his reign in the senior category of the Motorcycle World Championship. Obviously, their main objective is to renew the title. A difficult task, but one that he faces with optimism and with the maximum enthusiasm for it, as he tells in this interview in the previous Qatar Grand Prix of this weekend.

-Does holidays feel different when you are a champion?
-Yes, one hundred percent because you feel great satisfaction for a job well done. But of course, this year will be more difficult. Last year the pressure was focused on progressing as a rider and consolidating my performances in MotoGP, but this year the situation is different. Now I have to be in front and try to defend the title; fight for him from the start. The goal is the podiums in each race, or at least to fight for them. Whereas, last year, it was enough to aim to be in the Top 5.

Joan Mir-The start of the season has been quite strange for the team with the absence of Davide Brivio. How did you get the news? When did you find out?
-I found out on the phone. I was on vacation and I thought it was a joke. The truth is that I wish Davide the best because I have a very special affection for him. But I'm not worried that he's gone because I fully trust the team. They are all very capable and we will not feel their absence.

-How do you think this change could affect the team?
-I do not know. I want to think that it will not affect anything because within the team there are very professional people. Also, Suzuki's top management is made up of really brilliant people, so I feel very calm.

-With time to analyze what happened in 2020, what have you learned?
-I prefer not to spend a lot of time thinking about the title and I am already focused on this year and the next objective. I am very happy, very satisfied with the work done and I have achieved one of my big dreams. But my wish is to keep looking forward and win more titles in MotoGP. I haven't really stopped to think about the title and reflect on it. We all like to feel that we have achieved our dreams, but now that I have achieved it and have lived it, what happens is that I want more. It is like a drug. If I had known, I would not have started ... (laughs).

Joan Mir-Why have you decided to continue with number 36 instead of changing to number 1? It seems like a lot of people expected you to ...
-It has to do with what I have explained about looking to the future, I don't think my work is done. One day I really hope to wear bib number 1, but not now; it's not the moment. I am 23 years old and I do not consider that this is the time for it. If one day I win titles like Márquez or Rossi, 8 or 9 times, if it is possible to achieve it, I will probably stay with number 1.

-What room for improvement do you have this year?
-I think there is still room for improvement and one of the advantages I have is that I still I have been in the category for a short time, since the one that begins is my third year. The GSX-RR just keeps getting better, the team has more experience and this needs to be translated automatically in good results. We won last year with the team we had, which was very competitive, and we started in the third or fourth row in each race, so I think if we can improve our speed a bit to start from the second row at least, my job it will be much easier and I can even be more consistent.

-How do you motivate yourself for the season that begins?
-For me the motivation is easy, it is quite natural. I am still too young to be without motivation; I hope I have a long career ahead of me. This year Marc (Márquez) will return and I would like to measure myself on the track with him, because he has been the dominator of the last seasons, and that would allow me to continue learning, train better as a pilot and improve my performance.

Joan Mir-Will it benefit you if there are fewer consecutive races on the same circuit as happened last year?
-Yes, our bike has a very good base, which is an advantage for us. Having consecutive races on the same track means that others have time to find a set-up so that their bikes work better. This is what happened last year, from what we will see.

-The regulations and the bikes do not vary much for 2021: is this good in theory for the team?
-Yes, it can be good for us because the bikes we have from last year have an excellent base and, as soon as there are improvements, we will notice it a lot. But if not, we already know that the bike works very well.

-What goals have you set for yourself in addition to defending the title?
-My main objective, and that of my team, is to improve our performance in the qualifying round. We already know that in the race we are quite fast. If we start higher on the grid, it goes without saying that it is easier to fight for the podium or for victory. So we have to improve in that field and that's why I want to be focused this preseason and take a step forward.



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