Jorge Pérez Companc: The iron side of one of the wealthiest families in Argentina

He was a navigator in the WRC, the Dakar and races in the Rally Classic. In 2018 he participated in the Historical Argentine Grand Prix with a 350 Shelby Mustang GT1968 from his father's exclusive collection ...

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It cannot be denied that Perez Companc, in addition to being one of the wealthiest families in Argentina (according to Forbes magazine they have an estimated fortune of 1.800 billion dollars), they carry the passion for cars in his veins. Don Goyo has a large collection of vehicles from all eras and their weakness are those with a "Prancing Horse" as their insignia.

While His children not only inherited that fanaticism from him, but they took it to another level when putting on the diver and helmet: George, the oldest, was a navigator in the WRC, the Dakar and is currently behind the wheel of a Ford Escort with which he participates in the Rally Classic, a category that recalls the rally racing of yesteryear. Luis raced in the Argentine Rally, the WRC, the FIA-GT and the Dakar PabloMeanwhile, he accelerated in the American Indy Lights, a category in which he had a serious accident in 2007. Currently there is already a third generation of Pérez Companc that makes a lifestyle out of iron. Is about Ezekiel, son of Jorge and who races in the Blancpain GT Series.

Jorge Pérez Companc
Beauty! The Shelby Mustang GT350 from the exclusive Goyo Pérez Companc car collection. Photo: Juan Andrés Biaggini for ACA Press.

In the 2018 edition of Historical Argentine Grand Prize, the regularity competition organized by the Automobile Club Argentino, the Pérez Companc were represented by Jorge, who decided to venture into this specialty for the first time to see what it is about and have it as an option "For the day I retire", as he told Automundo. For that first foray, he had Jose Maria Volta in the right seat as in the Rally Classic, he chose a 350 Shelby Mustang GT1968 which belongs to his father's collection. It was not out of tune: it arrived in the 68th place in general and 14th in category F.

-What did you think of this experience?
-What surprised me the most is the people. Two days before the start of the Grand Prix we decided to race in the Odometer category and there we found out that we had to put a clock and a special lap count on the car. We didn't make time so we used only the odometer and the clock. Luckily on the day of the start several guys helped us understand what the race was about. I tried to take it with a lot of patience because it is somewhat exhausting, especially if one comes from the rally because there you go deep and you do not care about anything. It is something totally different from what I am used to, but I highlight the human group. The truth is that we had a great time.

Jorge Pérez Companc
Jorge also had the pleasure of running the Dakar on several occasions. Even on a truck.

-How did you change the chip from speed to regularity?
-In the beginning it cost me a lot. Especially because of the issue of keeping up with the odometer. Luckily I had José by my side because more than once I thought about throwing everything to hell. At times I wanted to accelerate!

-I imagine that with a Shelby Mustang GT350 the temptation to press the accelerator fully will have been very great. Why did you choose this car to race?
-Our participation is decided very on the date. When we started to find out which cars were allowed to race we found out that this Mustang, which was in my father's museum, was among them. So I borrowed it from my father. He was not very convinced to lend it to me, but I promised him that I would take care of it like gold. So we were very careful when we put the equipment we needed. It's a divine car to drive. The V8 is a luxury, especially in the mountains. What surprised me was the reaction of the people. Wherever we went they asked us to "step on" them, so that's where the pistero's blood came out a bit ...


Jorge Pérez Companc
Pérez Companc was Federico Villagra's navigator in the WRC.

It is true that the Pérez Companc are passionate about cars and speed, but the good thing is that they are not mean. Several of the jewels that Goyo has in his precious collection of cars have been exhibited in most of the editions of Autoclassical for the enjoyment of the public (among them, a Ferrari of F.1 that Michael Schumacher raced in 2004). While Federico Villagra y Matias Russo they were “sponsored” by the heirs to compete abroad: the man from Cordoba raced in the Ford Munchi's WRT, the World Rally team that Luis and Jorge had; while the entrerriano had his support to participate in the defunct FIA GT with a Ferrari 430.

-Is this running regularly something you will do in the short term?
-I think that for the next two or three years we will continue in the Rally Classic because the places where we go are incredible. But I found out that there are also regularity tests in rare places like Nepal and Burma. It will be a matter of research.

Jorge Pérez Companc
The Jorge Pérez Companc-José María Volta duo in action at the Rally Classic.

-And how is the Rally Classic?
-To me it is like a new world. They run through fantastic locations and the races are extensive. Australia, for example, is ten days and Morocco, eight ... It is how the rally was before. One finishes running and all the riders meet at the bar to chat and have a beer. There is a lot of camaraderie. If you have a problem with the car they help you, nobody protests against the other. It is very competitive, but when it finishes everything is fine and we are all friends.

- Could the category reach Argentina?
-Everyone wants to come running here! They know the Rally of Argentina very well and speak wonders of El Cóndor and Copina. They consider them as "dreamed" sections. We would have to organize it… We would have to dedicate time and focus on it. I think there would be many cars, both from our country and from abroad. Here there are many drivers between 45 and 50 years old that if you give them the chance to race in this category they will come back with the Renault 18 and the Fiat Regatta. Maybe it will happen one day ...

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