Jorge Raúl Recalde in memory

Jorge Recalde

The great ones never die. A sample of that claim occurred during the 2008 edition of the Rally Argentina with the large number of memories and tributes to Jorge Raúl Recalde on the 20th anniversary of the historic triumph he achieved on the World Cup date held in his native Córdoba.

The Italian team Top run, for which the Cordovan ran, remembered his victory through a sticker on his cars. While the brand of fernet 1882 went a little further: placed 1.882 full-scale Recalde silhouettes in the Copina area. The opportunity was also taken advantage of by the colleague Michelangelo Motta to present a book that reviews the life and work of the Canvas Horse through anecdotes. Under the title "Pa 'Recalde" collects experiences of the author himself, the pilot's family and sailors Jorge Del Buono y Martin Christie, Among others.

“When Jorge died I decided to do something in his honor that would really cost me. I always did radio and television, so writing a book was a challenge. 48 hours after learning of his death, I began to write it. Bety, Jorge's mother, found out about this project and put pressure on me. 'Come on, finish my son's book,' he would tell me every time we saw each other ”, Motta said.

The cover of the book is an image of Recalde made by Alberto Cognini, the creator of the Cordoba humor magazine "Hortensia", where you can see the face of the pilot behind the wheel. The story goes that in 1988, Recalde was fighting for the Group N championship and that he gave up using a production car in Rally Argentina to get into Group A and have a chance to win.

"In my opinion, that was decisive for him not to be champion in Group N. He wanted so much to win this race that he preferred to get into a car of the higher class", remembered the italian Marco Giordo, who lived closely the Argentine campaign in the World Cup. Although Giordo is right in his assessment, it is worth noting that the Cordovan lost the scepter for not wanting to sign a complaint so that the Belgian was excluded from the RAC Gregorie de Mevius, who had won the race.

“The people from the team came and told him that three of the stewards wanted to kick him out, but the other three didn't. So if he signed the complaint, the commissioners excluded de Mevius and so he was champion. Jorge looked at them and told them that he didn't like to win that way. Jorge was like that ”, recalled Del Buono, who accompanied him in the right seat in that Rally Argentina race.

Jorge Recalde is undoubtedly present in the memory of those who knew him personally and those who admired him from a distance. That is why it will always remain alive.



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