José Froilán González: "Ferrari will always be in my heart"

On July 14, 1951, at the English circuit of Silverstone, the reef achieved the first victory of the Scuderia in Formula 1. This is how he recalled that day in an interview that the Italian team did in 2011.

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Cada 14 July it's a holiday for Ferrari and it is not for less since that day, in 1951, he achieved his first triumph in the F1. That first joy for the Scuderia, which would later become the most successful team in F.1, came from the hands of an Argentine: José Froilán González (5/10 / 1922-15 / 06/2013), who in a great way prevailed in that Grand Prix of Great Britain held in Silverstone. This is followed by an interview that Ferrari carried out with Cabezón in 2011 recalling that race at Silverstone.

José Froilán González
José Froilán González on his way to Ferrari's first Formula 1 triumph.

-What are your memories of that day?
-I was very nervous before the game. Fangio had told me that we would win and he also knew that we had a great opportunity. There were four cars in the front row: the two Alfa's from Fangio and Farina, the Ferrari from Ascari and my 375 F1. The four of us spun our wheels at the start and those in the second row passed us easily, so much so that I was fourth at the first corner, followed by Fangio and Ascari. Then I successively passed Villoresi, Bonetto and Sanesi and, at the end of the second lap, I was in the lead. But he had Fangio behind him and he managed to pass me. I was not discouraged because I knew that Juan had to stop sooner or later to refuel; whereas I shouldn't have been and so I stayed close to him for about thirty laps. When Juan stopped, I passed him.

-What does it mean for you to have been the first to win a Grand Prix with Ferrari and, therefore, to be part of the Prancing Horse legend?
-I realized what it really meant to have won that race the following Wednesday, when I met Don Enzo in Maranello: In his office there was a large picture of the victory placed behind the desk! He asked me to sign it and tell him every little detail of the race and then he gave me a gold watch with the Prancing Horse on the dial. Only three days later I really understood that it had been a special victory.

The cover of the official race program and classification. It was the first 1-2 for Argentina in the Máxima.

-What does Ferrari represent for you?
-Ferrari is the pinnacle of motorsport. For me it has always been a pride to have been the first winner with the brand, especially considering what the brand has managed to do in these years around the world.

-Do you like Formula 1 today?
-Yes, there are great pilots, although everything is very different from my time. I always watch all the Grand Prix on television.

-Would anything change in this Formula 1?
-It's difficult to say because I see it from the outside, as part of the audience, and I don't see all the details.

Froilán González
Froilán González res received after his victory.

-What differences do you see between the pilots of your time and those of today?
-We were fans! If at the beginning of our career we did not have a running helmet, we used a leather protection that did not protect anything ... Today there is great attention to physical preparation, everyone trains in the simulator; we had no idea of ​​something like that.

-And between the machines?
-Here too there are so many differences: the advances that automotive technology has made are incredible. In my day we only had the steering wheel, the gear lever, the brake lever and the pedals, nothing more. The most important thing is that machines are much safer today ...

-What message would all the Scuderia fans send you?
-Ferrari is the best; will always be in my heart. And it is a passion that can be felt and lived around the world.

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